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[SHOT 2024] Strike Industries Next Generation Squad Weapon Cable Management System

Strike Industries, a major player in the firearms accessories sector, turned heads at SHOT 2024 with their newly released cable management system specifically designed for Next Generation Squad Weapons (NGSW). The system is designed to allow thread through and conceal the cables by rail-mounted accessories such as rail covers, grips, and attachment points.  This state-of-the-art system, which has performed favorably in military trials, earned commendations for its innovative design which prevents damage to and snagging of critical cords.

In an interaction with the media, representatives from Strike Industries expressed their excitement and pride about the Cable Management System (CMS). “If I had to pick a product that is at the top and one of the ones we are most proud and excited about, it would have to be our CMS,” one representative said.

The company developed the product with a primary focus on functionality and affordability for the consumer. The result was a product that exceeded expectations in utility and cost-efficiency.

“This was one of those things that we just wanted to do, have it work well, and make affordable to our consumers,” the representative continued. “It really has been just an added bonus with the extra military attention it is getting.”

With a likely chance of landing military contracts, the company can look forward to gaining wider recognition in the defense sector.

Given the response from the military and consumers, Strike Industries’ cable management system is poised to leave an indelible mark on the firearms accessories industry. The system checks boxes for both practical field usage and for being a cost-effective solution for managing cables, thereby enhancing the overall weapon handling experience.

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