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[SHOT 2024] Sylvan Arms Launches New Steel Folding Stock Adapter

Sylvan Arms has once again demonstrated its commitment to quality with the release of a new steel folding stock adapter. This latest Magnum Opus marks a significant departure from the company’s previous adapters, which were primarily fabricated from aluminum.

Part of their SHOT 2024 line-up, the novel steel adapter introduces more durability and robustness, a feature demanded by many enthusiasts who are hard on their gear. One of the most noticeable changes is an internal pin designed explicitly to secure the buffer when the stock is folded, which increases its operational efficacy. Another novel addition to this adapter is the incorporation of a component that ensures the rifle’s bolt stays in place even when folded. This component aids in enhancing the safety and usability of the rifle.

The new steel folding stock adapter still retains the core design of the previous aluminum models, making it instantly recognizable for those familiar with Sylvan Arms products. According to the company’s staff, “the folding stock adapter should also work with rifles that have AR-style stock attachment but no buffer tube internals.”

In line with its policy of standing by its products, Sylvan Arms provides a lifetime warranty for this burgeoning steel folding stock adapter, a testament to the company’s trust in its construction and functionality. This assurance demonstrates the firm’s dedication to its clientele and its belief in the product, assuring their customers of their investment’s longevity.

In this innovative release, Sylvan Arms continues to set new industry standards, proving once again its commitment to delivering state-of-the-art products for gun hobbyists and professionals alike. As the firearms industry evolves, Sylvan Arms is clearly dedicated to staying at the forefront, evolving along with it, and empowering its clients with the most reliable and high-performance enhancements available in the market.


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