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[SHOT 2024] The Sub 6 Pound Seekins Precision Havak SLAM Rifle

Seekins Precision – Havak Slam rifle

Seekins Precision launched the Havak SLAM rifle, showcasing a commitment to delivering ultra-lightweight firearms to enthusiasts. This custom shop rifle is finely tuned and vigorously test-fired, with each unit coming with documented test targets to ensure quality and precision.

Available in three notable chamberings, the Havak SLAM is designed to impress with both its specifications and performance. The .308 Winchester model boasts a 16-inch barrel, and at just five pounds, it is the lightest in the lineup. The 6.5 PRC variant, with a 21-inch barrel, maintains a competitive edge at 5.4 pounds. For those preferring the 7mm PRC, the rifle, featuring a 22-inch barrel, remains under six pounds at 5.9 pounds.

Seekins Precision – Havak Slam rifle

The innovative design includes a folding stock that secures the bolt in the closed position when folded. Seekins Precision advises a current order backlog reaching six months. Despite the wait, the price point for all models of the Havak SLAM remains fixed at $4,650.

Product specs:

  • .308 Winchester / 5 pounds / 16-inch barrel
  • 6.5 PRC / 5.4 pounds / 21-inch barrel
  • 7mm PRC / 5.9 pounds / 22-inch barrel

For those passionate about efficiency without compromising on performance, the Havak SLAM rifle stands as a testament to Seekins Precision’s dedication to quality and innovation in the field. The company’s establishment of a substantial backlog signals a strong customer interest and anticipated satisfaction in this latest offering.

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