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[SHOT 2024] TiON Releases Three New Dragoon Mini Suppressors

TiON, a reputed manufacturer of all titanium suppressor options has introduced to the market three new Dragoon Mini Suppressors. The expansion of the Dragoon Mini product line now includes 5.56, 30 caliber, and 9mm modifications, offering consumers a diverse range to choose from according to their specific needs and applications.

The new offerings are crafted based on the blueprint of TiON’s larger standard cans but capture the same impeccable quality and efficacy in a smaller size. This allows for wider usage and accessibility for users who prefer a mini suppressor.

In terms of customization, TiON provides consumers with a variety of finish options to choose from which include Black, OD Green, Flat Dark Earth, Burnt Bronze, Gun Metal, and Patriot Brown besides the original Titanium finish. This influences not only the aesthetics of the suppressor but also gives consumers options that match their firearms and personal preferences.

Notably, the new Dragoon Mini Suppressors offer two methods of attachment – direct thread or quick detach via tri lug mounts. This provides flexibility and ease of use to the consumer and enhances the overall user experience.

Among the standout features of the new Dragoon Mini Suppressors, the ease of servicing sets these products apart. Completely user-serviceable, TiON makes it a point to ensure that their suppressors are not just high-performing, but also practical and manageable for user maintenance.

TiON ensures that all its suppressors undergo a stringent testing process. This is in line with the company’s commitment to product quality and reliability to ensure that its suppressors are of outstanding performance to meet the rigorous needs of its consumers.

The launch of the three new Dragoon Mini Suppressors once again demonstrates TiON’s commitment to offering a diverse range of high-quality, titanium suppressor options to its consumers. The Dragoon Mini product line, with its smaller size, variety of finishes and attachment methods, and user serviceability, combines performance, customization, and practicality into a comprehensive offering for firearms enthusiasts.

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