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[SHOT 2024] Tipton Announces Their Best Gun Vise 360

For decades, Tipton Gun Cleaning Supplies has been a reputable and respected brand in the industry. The company is best known for its top-tier gun vises and workpiece holders, designed meticulously to aid gunsmiths, repairmen, and enthusiasts in their hands-on gun tasks. As part of its unceasing efforts to improve and innovate, Tipton has announced a powerful new addition to their line-up for the year 2024 — the Best Gun Vise 360.

The Best Gun Vise 360 stands out for its unique and revolutionary design. Unlike traditional clamp-style vises typically spotted on workbenches, the new product offers a remarkable 360° maneuverability. This pivot and tilt mechanism turns it into a versatile tool capable of meeting custom work requirements in the varied world of gun handling. Users can now approach their workpiece from any direction and at any angle, making detailed, precision-focused tasks much easier to perform.

A notable feature is the use of padded jaws in the design. This consideration not only provides a secure and firm grip over the workpiece but also ensures that the piece remains undamaged throughout the process. It’s an ideal solution for handling delicate or cherished firearms that require a tender touch during cleaning, repair, or inspection.

In terms of functionality, the Best Gun Vise 360 offers a delicate balance between convenience and command. It boasts a ball head design enabling full firearm access along with a tension handle for easy jaw adjustment. It also features a friction knob to lock in any chosen angle, allowing for a stable work setting regardless of the job’s intricacy.

Part of its unique selling point is the portability and ease of installation it offers. Users are presented with two mounting options: a direct attachment to a workbench or usage of c-clamps for on-the-go mobility. This flexibility ensures that regardless of the location or environment, users can set up their vise and get straight to the action.

In conclusion, Tipton Gun Cleaning’s latest innovation, the Best Gun Vise 360, raises the bar for what precision, comfort, and versatility should look like in gun vises. It’s a tool that every gun aficionado, whether a professional or an amateur, must consider adding to their toolkit. While already revered for their previous creations, the 2024 unveiling of the Best Gun Vise 360 reinforces Tipton’s dedication to introducing innovative solutions into the world of firearm maintenance and repair.

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