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[SHOT 2024] Vudoo Gun Works Adds Commander-Length Priest And Morpheus Bolt Action

At the recent SHOT Show 2024, Vudoo Gun Works, based in St. George, Utah, showcased their latest offerings in precision firearms, including the new Commander-length Priest and the Morpheus centerfire bolt action rifle. Both products have been added to Vudoo Gun Works’ lineup and are indicative of the company’s ongoing commitment to quality and precision in firearm manufacturing.

The Commander-length Priest pistol has a 4.25″ barrel while maintaining the double-stack magazine and frame of the original Priest. This latest variant is designed with an optics cut that is notably large and allows full support to be provided without the need for an adapter plate. Moreover, the optic’s placement is low enough to enable co-witness with standard iron sights, an attractive feature for shooters who appreciate the versatility of both optics and traditional aiming methods.

Priest Handgun

Individuals interested in acquiring the 4.25-inch Priest can place orders now, despite Vudoo’s current 12-week lead time for product delivery. The starting price is set at $3,295, which reflects the customization and precision engineering that Vudoo Gun Works’ customers have come to expect.

Priest Handgun

In continuation of their SHOT show highlights, Vudoo Gun Works also unveiled the Morpheus centerfire bolt action rifle. The core of this rifle is an action crafted by the American Rifle Company, seated within a McMillan Game Warden stock. Customers can choose between standard steel or carbon fiber-wrapped variants. This allows for a tailored balance between weight and thermal performance, depending on the shooter’s preference or requirements.

[SHOT 2024] Vudoo Gun Works Adds Commander-Length Priest And Centerfire Bolt Action

Morpheus Rifle

The Morpheus rifle starts at a price point of $3,200, and the cost may vary with additional feature selections. Vudoo has opened orders for this new rifle as well.

Product specs for the Morpheus rifle are as follows:

– Trigger: TriggerTech
– Bottom Metal: Hawkins
– Stock: McMillan Game Warden
– Calibers: 6mm Creedmoor, 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5 PRC, .223 Remington, .308 Winchester

Morpheus Rifle

Potential buyers can expect the customization options and the quality of components that are characteristic of Vudoo Gun Works, as evidenced by the available specs.

Morpheus Rifle

Readers who have followed previous SHOT show coverage may recall Vudoo Gun Works’ introductions from past events, and how they align with the company’s demonstrated objectives of quality and precision. As the firearms industry progresses, Vudoo’s engagement at events like the SHOT show provides insight into their dedication to innovation and meeting the high expectations of their clients.

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