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[SHOT 2024] Wraithworks Announces A 5lb AR-15 – The WARP-15

At SHOT 2024, Wraithworks made a bold entry into the ultra-light AR-15 market with its announcement of a truly unique firearm model, dubbed the WARP-15. Evidently, the pursuit of this project was primed with a specific goal: to cut down weight as much as feasibly possible without sacrificing the firearm’s durability or its reliability.

Expected to roll out in March 2024, the WARP-15 project consists of two major components. Firstly, it features the polymer fixed stock lower receiver combo made by KE Arms. Secondly, a special polymer clamshell wraps around an aluminum trunnion to complete the design as the upper receiver.

Making up the upper receiver, half of the clamshell extends from a fiber-reinforced nylon construction matched with brass inserts. The price range varies according to completeness, with an MSRP of $99.95 for a stripped WARP-15 upper and $259.99 for a complete rifle.

Both the upper and lower pieces put together bring the total weight to a stunningly light 5 lbs. As part of its structure, the WARP-15 also contains aluminum QD inserts and steel-reinforced takedown and charging handle inserts. The aluminum trunnion holding the assembled entity together is forged from high-strength 7075 Aluminum.

This initiative by Wraithworks is a pinnacle representation of a growing trend within the firearms industry. Manufacturers are increasingly leaning towards designs and materials that can offer a superior balance between lightweight convenience and time-tested gun reliability. With the WARP-15, Wraithworks provides a sneak peek into the exciting possibilities this trend might manifest.

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