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[SHOT 2024] Zenith Firearms Displays ZF-56 Roller Delayed 5.56

Zenith Firearms – ZF-56 Roller Delayed 5.56

Zenith Firearms presented their newest firearm, the ZF-56, at SHOT 2024, showcasing its integration of roller-delayed operation with AR-15-style ergonomics. The firearm represents a distinctive step forward, introducing innovations like a last round bolt hold open and ambidextrous controls. Set to become available for consumers in April, the ZF-56’s introduction is notable for merging traditional roller-delayed action with contemporary firearm technology.

The ZF-56 is a bufferless design, giving users the flexibility of coupling any stock without the necessity for an AR-style buffer tube. This functionality echoes the industry’s move towards modular and versatile firearm solutions. Looking ahead, Zenith Firearms plans to extend the caliber offerings. Future models are expected to be available in 9mm, 10mm, and 300 Blackout.

[SHOT 2024] Zenith Firearms Displays ZF-56 Roller Delayed 5.56

Zenith Firearms – ZF-56 Roller Delayed 5.56

Attendees of SHOT 2024 had the opportunity to examine the ZF-56’s proposed three barrel length variants: the 12-inch and 14.5-inch pistols and the 16-inch rifle. This addresses the demand for varied barrel lengths to suit different use cases and preferences.

Zenith Firearms – ZF-56 Roller Delayed 5.56

Product specs:
– Bufferless design accommodating any stock design, eliminating the need for an AR-style buffer tube.
– Three initial barrel lengths: 12-inch and 14.5-inch pistols, along with a 16-inch rifle.
– Future models expected in 9mm, 10mm, 300 Blackout, and 7.62 calibers.
– Scheduled to ship in April with an anticipated MSRP of $2,500.

Further refining the ZF-56, Zenith Firearms has announced plans to revise the cocking handle and configure final production models to support standard AR-15 trigger groups. The decision to make these revisions was driven by feedback and the ongoing evolution of user preferences in the market.

Zenith Firearms’ development of the ZF-56 suggests an attentiveness to merging time-proven mechanisms with the practicality and customization favored by modern firearm enthusiasts. While the MSRP of $2,500 positions this rifle as a significant investment, its expanded compatibility and forward-thinking design elements are poised to satisfy a segment of consumers focused on advanced firearm technologies and modularity. The company’s approach reflects a conscious effort to adapt historical designs to meet contemporary standards.

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