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Simtek Sensor II – The Second Generation Of Simtek’s Wireless Security Sensor

We first reported about the Simtek wireless security sensor from SHOT Show 2019. In a nutshell, it is a compact portable sensor that can be placed inside a gun safe and will send a notification to the owner’s cell phone if motion or lighting changes are detected. Simtek has just announced the release of the second generation of their security sensor which compared to the Gen 1 features an upgraded antenna, 4G cellular modem, temperature and humidity monitoring, and an accelerometer that detects bumps and movement. Let’s take a closer look at the new Simtek Sensor II.

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The Simtek Sensor II is designed specifically for firearms owners and is a vital tool for protecting your 2nd amendment rights and ensuring the safety of your weapons and valuables. With 3-in-1 intrusion sensor technology, the Simtek Sensor II can detect if someone breaches your safe, alerting you immediately so you can take action to protect your property.

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Simtek Sensor II comes with a pre-installed SIM card and uses a cellular network to send encrypted notifications which according to the company is more secure and harder to disable compared to WiFi and Bluetooth. The sensor is designed to be used in low-signal environments and in addition to the built-in antenna, also has an external one if a greater signal is needed. The Simtek Sensor II not only sends a notification about unauthorized access or movement of the host object but also about its real-time location which should make it easier to find a stolen safe. The onboard rechargeable lithium-ion battery is advertised to last up to one year. The Simtek app allows monitoring multiple sensors and having multiple recipients of notifications. The Simtek Sensor II weighs 3.6oz and has the following dimensions: 1.48” x 3.66” x 3.26”.

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The MSRP of Simtek Sensor II is $200 but it’s currently available for a preorder price of $150. Simtek also offers a global unlimited use cellular subscription plan for $4.2 per month which can be purchased through the Simtek app. Simtek Sensor II is designed in the USA and is covered by a one-year limited warranty.

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