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Telos – Pulsar Unveils Extended Line Of Flagship Thermals

Last year, TFB reviewed the Telos XP50 and with its 640×480 pix @17 µm, and a super-sensitive NETD of <18 mK, it was clearly one of the best thermal monoculars we’ve even seen (check the review here). At this year’s IWA OutdoorClassics in Germany, Pulsar extends the Telos model line with no less than three new flagship thermals.

Pulsar Thermals @ TFB

The new high-end model uses an HD resolution thermal sensor from Lynred, with 1024×768 pix @12 µm. For the more budget-minded Pulsar will offer the Telos LRF XG50 and the Telos LRF XQ35. Below you can find the complete technical specifications.

pulsar telos 2024 thermal

Sample image from a Pulsar thermal video (white hot). This is at close distance, but still has pretty amazing image quality:

Here’s the news about the Telos:

Pulsar presents Telos: future-proof monocular line

Pulsar introduces the extended line of the flagship thermal monocular family Telos at the IWA OutdoorClassics 2024. The line includes several new models: from the HD resolution Telos LRF XL50 and the extremely sensitive Telos LRF XP50 to the more affordable Telos LRF XG50 and the compact Telos LRF XQ35 version.

Premium experience with HD resolution

The biggest hero of the Telos line is the Telos LRF XL50. Featuring the first Pulsar HD resolution thermal sensor.

This premium-quality monocular has a wide field of view and brilliant image quality which remains optimal even on high magnification. In other words, you will be able to observe even the smallest details of the animal. As well as maintaining awareness of the situation while scanning vast areas.

With the Telos LRF XL50 Pulsar now has a full HD family including binoculars, riflescopes and monoculars.

Extending the Telos line

To cover more specific needs of the hunters, Pulsar is also introducing the extension of the Telos line. The more affordable Telos LRF XG50 and the compact Telos LRF XQ35 are joining the previously launched Telos LRF XP50. All Telos models come with and without the LRF.

Unconditional European quality

Telos is a splendid example of how true European quality is achieved by the combined effort of the many professionals who laid their hands on this exceptional device.

Pulsar leading designers were working on the Telos concept together with the late founder and CEO of the company Alexander Olshevsky. They were willing to create a new thermal imaging monocular with soft lines, so that its concentric shape would clearly and organically fit with several lenses and a rangefinder.

The result is an ambidextrous thermal monocular that comfortably fits into your hand, is time resistant and equipped with the best of what thermal technology has to offer.

It stands out with premium functionality and ergonomics. Comfortable to use with both hands. Equipped with a smooth zoom and focusing rings and a whole new battery system.

A device for life

All new devices have their own specs, sizes, and power differences, but what unites them all is the premium design, excellent image quality, and the unique concept of upgradeability.

Telos becomes the first Pulsar device to offer an opportunity for technical hardware upgrade. As well as being the first brand on the market to introduce such a service.

The upgradeability project is in the pipeline and will be launched later this year. More news coming soon.

Technical specifications of the Telos line:

Telos LRF XL50

Telos XL50

Telos LRF XP50

Telos XP50

Telos LRF XQ35

Telos XQ35

Telos LRF XG50

Telos XG50

Sensor 1024×768 pix @12 µm

NETD <40 mK

640×480 pix

@17 µm

NETD <18 mK

384×288 pix

@17 µm

NETD <25 mK

640×480 pix

@12 µm

NETD <40 mK


Lens F50/1.0 F50/1.0 F35/1.0 F50/1.0
Magnification 2.5x – 20x 2.5x – 10x 3x – 12x 3.5x – 14x
Field of view 14° 12.4° 10.7° 8.8°
Detection range 2300 m 1800 m 1300 m 2300 m
Battery life 7 h 8 h 8 h 8 h

To find out more about the Telos line, please visit this link.

Another sample image, this time in black hot.

The New Merger LRF XP35 Thermal Binoculars were also introduced at IWA 2024.

Pulsar also introduces the Merger LRF XP35 Thermal Binoculars. To find out more about the Merger LRF XP35, please visit this link.

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