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TFB Behind The Gun Podcast #74: What is NAAGA?

On a recent trip out to the legendary Gunsite Academy to check out some of Stoeger’s handguns (yes, Stoeger makes handguns), I had the fortunate opportunity to make a lot of new friends including some of today’s guests from the National African American Gun Association. Like other great firearms advocacy organizations nationwide, NAAGA seeks to promote firearms ownership for all Americans regardless of their religious, political, social, and racial backgrounds. While NAAGA does engage in some political activity centered specifically around pro-2nd Amendment rights, what NAAGAs main goal is, is to empower and educate the African American community in the matters of gun ownership, safety, and self-defense through a combination of training, community support, strict safety standards for its members and instructors, as well as a healthy dose of cultural inspiration from the rich legacy of gun ownership that African Americans have. So today we’ll be able to hear from my new friends Myloreal, Shanea, Akeithea, and Jaron to talk about what exactly their organization does, what its ultimate goals are, and what they as a team have been up to to provide their members with a valuable organization they can make new friends in.

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Myloreal Anderson

TFB Behind The Gun Podcast #74: What is NAAGA?

On today’s episode of TFB’s Behind The Gun Podcast our host Luke C speaks with Myloreal Anderson, Shanea Daniels, Akiethia Bost, and Jaron Smith of the National African American Gun Association about what they do for the African American Gun-toting community, as well as pretty much anyone else who wants to get good training that could help save the lives of themselves, or their fellow Americans. NAAGA has over 100 chapters across the nation and over 46,000 active members that are spread about all 50 states. Along with that NAAGA certifies its own firearms instructors and puts out a consistent set of curriculum that is rapidly expanding beyond basic pistol courses, and will soon include more advanced classes for those seeking it. NAAGA was officially started and launched on February 28, 2015, in honor of Black History Month. The founder and President of the National African American Gun Association is Philip Smith, a graduate of the University of California at Davis. He is an African American gun enthusiast and community organizer. He founded and started NAAGA with the primary goal to expose, educate, and motivate as many African American men and women to go out and purchase a firearm for self-defense and to take training on proper gun use. Our guests today form the two primary wings of operation of NAAGA with Shanea managing and organizing NAAGA’s nationwide chapters, and Myloreal, Akethia, and Jaron organizing NAAG’s network of qualified instructors which directly support and train its members.

TFB Behind the Gun Podcast #74 - What is NAAGA?

Shanea Daniels

TFB Behind the Gun Podcast #74 - What is NAAGA?

Jaron Smith

TFB Behind the Gun Podcast #74 - What is NAAGA?

Aketheia Bost

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