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TFB Behind The Gun Podcast #90: Warning Explicit Firearms Content

This year I had the distinct pleasure of meeting the power couple that is Paige and Jaxon at Finnish Brutality 2023, who not only rocked the match with their shooting skills but also injected an infectious energy into their gear presentations and general attitudes during the match. Both Paige and Jaxon enthusiastically participated in the highly popular extra “LARP” category, allowing contestants to embody a variety of themed characters from history or fiction. This creative freedom resulted in some delightfully entertaining and amusing costumes from both of them. Notably, Jaxon, formerly in the Army and now formerly associated with Weapon Outfitters, has transitioned into managing a well-known gun range in Washington State but still keeps his passion for shooting and mil-spec equipment alive. On the other hand, Paige operates a highly successful online art business, seamlessly merging elements of popular culture with firearms in her artwork. While Paige may be most renowned for her more explicit creations, she also offers family-friendly items such as hats, shirts, prints, and stickers in her online store with less racy subjects. Shooting alongside Paige and Jaxon at Finnish Brutality 2023 was an absolute delight, and I am pumped to have them as our guests today on TFB’s Behind The Gun Podcast. In this episode, we will delve into their backgrounds, their shooting preferences, their impressions of the match, some of their more recent projects, and, of course, share some fun anecdotes from their adventures in the beautiful country of Finland. Please give a warm welcome to Paige and Jaxon! Once again, a huge thank you to Varusteleka for hosting all of the competitors at the match and providing a ton of great gear for prizes!

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Photo: Varusteleka

TFB Behind the Gun #90: Warning Explicit Firearms Content

Photo: Varusteleka

TFB Behind The Gun Podcast #90: Warning Explicit Firearms Content

The cast of characters that you’ll likely meet at any Brutality match is going to vary quite widely and this year’s Finnish Brutality match was no different – at least in the media squad. This year I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Paige and Jaxon who made the match a whole lot more fun with not just their shooting abilities, but also the amount of energy they put into their gear presentation at the match. Both Paige and Jaxon took part in the very popular “LARP” category where competitors are allowed to dress up as pretty much whatever themed character they wanted, and as a result, we got some pretty fun and funny costumes from both of them. Jaxon, who formally worked for Weapon Outfitters, has now transitioned to managing a fairly well-known Washington State gun range but has a load of experience in procuring, and distributing a load of different firearms and equipment. Meanwhile, Paige runs a highly successful online art business where she combines the worlds of popular culture and firearms in virtually every piece of her work. Paige is probably most well known for her more explicit work, but she also produces more family-friendly stuff, like hats, shirts, prints, and stickers, that can be found on her online store. It was an absolute pleasure to shoot with both of them at Finnish Brutality 2023, and I’m happy to have them on the show today! Today we’ll get to learn a bit about both of them, what they like to shoot, what they thought of the match, some of their most recent projects (Like the Pew Peeps Expo), and of course talk a bunch about all the weird and fun stories they made in the great country of Finland.  Please welcome Paige and Jaxon to the show!

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The Pew Peeps Expo

Photo: Varusteleka

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