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TFB Review: Raven Concealment Perun Light Compatible Holster

Raven Concealment is probably best known for their Vanguard minimalist holsters. However, they also make a full range of IWB and OWB holsters. Their Perun holster is designed for strongside OWB carry and is available in standard or light compatible versions.

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This holster was provided by Raven Concealment for use in content. I don’t have a preexisting relationship with the company. I did review their Eidolon holster recently and quite liked it. I will refer to the holster as simply the Perun in this review, though it is more correctly a “Perun – light compatible.”

Initial Setup

The Perun ships in a Mylar bag, fully assembled and ready to use. The 10-degree belt loops are installed, but 0-cant and 10-degree left loops are also included. An adjustment screw sets the retention level. That’s really all there is to the holster.

Raven Concealment also sent me a Copia single magazine carrier. It ships unassembled and it is a royal pain to set up. Putting the belt loops on the carrier is an exercise in frustration. There are two screws per loop, one inside the loop itself and one outside. The outside screw is pretty easy to install, but the inner screw is designed to be annoying. A shallow slot in the back of the threaded insert is supposed to keep the insert stationary as the screw is tightened, but it is so shallow that it’s very hard to hold it still. I finally used an old gas station Swiss army knife saw to hold the threaded insert in place while tightening the screws. I have since come to realize that a piece of masking tape provides enough friction to hold the insert as the screw is tightened. That is a much easier method!

Thankfully, adjusting the Copia to various magazines is simple. A single adjustment screw sets the retention. Raven Concealment claims it is adjustable to fit over 100 double-stack 9mm/40 S&W/.357 SIG magazines. I tried Beretta, Glock, and Hi-Power magazines and all seemed to work fine.

The Raven Copia magazine carrier ships unassambled.

TFB Review: Raven Concealment Perun Light Compatible Holster

A tension screw on the Copia allows it to adjust to a wide range of fits.

TFB Review: Raven Concealment Perun Light Compatible Holster

Holding the threaded inserts in place while tightening the screws can be a pain, but masking tape works well.

Users of the Kagwerks extended slide catch should note that the Perun does not fit well with it installed. It sits above the channel which accommodates the standard slide catch. This forces the side of the holster out and causes an uncomfortable amount of pressure on the holster.

TFB Review: Raven Concealment Perun Light Compatible Holster

The KAGWerks slide catch does not fit in the Perun.

Concealed Carrying the Perun

Hassling my friends who insist on appendix-carrying Glock 34s is one of my favorite hobbies. Some people may swear by it, but that is what a Glock 19 is for. Though I mock the IWB G34, I have carried one with some regularity OWB over the last ten years or so. That gun also accompanies me in a Vertx backpack that serves as my commuter bag.

When I have carried my G34 in the past it was always in a Safariland 6378 ALS holster. That really is a great holster with solid retention and I have nothing negative to say about it other than its concealability. It is essentially a duty holster adapted for other uses. There is nothing low profile or discreet about it.

In contrast, the Perun actually does conceal well. This last winter was the winter without end here in the mountain west, and I carried my Glock 34 numerous times under jackets of varying thicknesses. To be clear, this is not a deep concealment setup. I am sure that someone who was paying attention and knew what to look for would have seen some printing. But most people are completely oblivious and I did not notice anyone visibly cueing in on it.

One night after work I had to run some errands. I forgot my typical concealed gun but did have my G34 in the Perun. I was wearing a suit and threw this holster on under the jacket. It did print some but was much less noticeable than what I see on many personal protection details.

TFB Review: Raven Concealment Perun Light Compatible Holster

The gun and light type are molded into the holster.


TFB Review: Raven Concealment Perun Light Compatible Holster

There is a tension adjustment screw along the rear edge.


TFB Review: Raven Concealment Perun Light Compatible Holster

A large (vaguely Imperial Guard-ish) eagle is molded into the holster shell.

Open Carrying The Perun

I am not a big open carry guy. There are only a few situations where I choose to carry openly. One of those is while working at the gun store. When multiple competent people are seen carrying guns as a group, it can have some value as a deterrent. It also leads to many sales discussions with customers who want to know what you are carrying and why. The Perun carries well with a polo shirt and jeans or shorts.

The other situation where I open carry is when I am shooting in full gear. That is not something I do all that often, but when I do it would usually be with a Safariland holster. I did try the Perun and it worked well as long as I did not have side plates or a thick soft vest. It rides close to the body and armor gets in the way of the draw.

If I could change anything about the Perun it would be an adjustable ride height. Moving the holster higher or lower can make a major difference in comfort when sitting in a car or desk chair. It can also help keep the bottom of the holster from protruding out below a jacket.

TFB Review: Raven Concealment Perun Light Compatible Holster

Adding some method of ride height adjustment would make it a little easier to conceal the Perun.


The Perun Light Compatible holster is a very sleek way to carry a large gun with a weapon light. It is not perfect but is still a solid choice if you need to carry a gun larger than the average concealed carry option. If Raven Concealment added a way to change the ride height it would be great. But even without that feature, I can recommend this holster.

TFB Review: Raven Concealment Perun Light Compatible Holster

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