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The New Carbon Adventurer Rifle from Grey Birch MFG

Grey Birch Manufacturing is excited to announce the latest addition to its quickly growing lineup of premium 10/22-style rifles. The newest iteration, the Carbon Adventurer Rifle has a lot of the features of the long-distance Grey Birch LDR model but is paired with a Magpul Hunter stock instead of the La Chassis system for an ultralight, long-distance precision plinker you can take with you to the range or on any adventure.

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The New Carbon Adventurer Rifle from Grey Birch MFG

The New Carbon Adventurer Rifle from Grey Birch MFG

This model maintains the light weight you’d expect from a Grey Birch rifle and because of the 20 MOA built into the reciever you’re ready to dial in those long distance shots!

  • Solidly built but ultralight
  • Fully adjustable to find the perfect fit
  • Rock solid reliability round after round after round
  • Beautiful fit and finish to make your range buddies jealous

Long distance precision & consistency like you’ve never experienced with semi-autoThe Adventurer includes our Fusion Reciever System to ensure accuracy and consistency is maintained in this semi-auto platform.


  • Ruger BX Trigger®
  • M-Lok Compatible
  • Ships with (1) Magazine
  • Length of Pull Adjustments
  • Includes GBMFG Precision Bolt
  • Magwell Cutout for Easy Mag Changes
  • Integrated 20 MOA Fusion Receiver System
  • Stock Constructed with Reinforced Polymer
  • Compatible with Most 10/22® Accessories

The New Carbon Adventurer Rifle from Grey Birch MFG

The Fusion receiver system is a unique take on how to attach a 10/22 barrel to a receiver and features threads instead of the standard v-block system originally designed back in 1964. The new Fusion receiver system allows the 10/22 platform to be much more reliable and reduces barrel movement and barrel droop. The baked-in 20 MOA height Picatinny rail also means you don’t need to add any additional weight to the rifle to get the extra height you need for those longer-range shots. The new rifle retails for $699.99 on the Grey Birch website. If you’re interested in picking up a Grey Birch MFG Carbon Adventurer Rifle, you can visit

The New Carbon Adventurer Rifle from Grey Birch MFG

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