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Winchester Introduces The 400 LEGEND Cartridge

A couple of months ago, we published an article about a new SAAMI-accepted cartridge called 400 Legend that at the time was not announced by any of the ammunition manufacturers. It was however pretty easy to guess that the new cartridge was likely designed by Winchester Ammunition, as it is named similar to the 350 Legend, a cartridge introduced by Winchester in 2019. Well, Winchester Ammunition has now officially released the 400 Legend cartridge.

Winchester Ammunition @ TFB:

400 LEGEND (6)

Introducing the 400 Legend, featuring a 215 grain Power-Point bullet. It’s the latest high-performing straight-walled cartridge from Winchester. This cartridge offers deep penetration, excellent accuracy and quick knockdown, making it ideal for hunters and sport shooters alike. With high velocity and low recoil, the 400 Legend gives you the power and precision you need for your next time out.

400 Legend SAAMI

SAAMI drawing of the 400 Legend cartridge. To download the full SAAMI document, click HERE.

The 400 Legend is a 40-caliber straight-wall rebated rim cartridge. The rim diameter is identical to that of the 6.8 Remington SPC, and the maximum overall length is 2.26″ which means the 400 Legend can be used in AR-15 pattern firearms. Initially, there will be only one Winchester Power-Point load available that pushes a 215-grain bullet to a muzzle velocity of 2250 fps which results in a muzzle energy of 2416 ft-lbs.

400 LEGEND (7)

Like the 350 Legend, the 400 Legend is a hunting cartridge primarily designed for use in states where only straight-walled cartridges are allowed for deer hunting. Here is how Winchester describes the advantages of their new cartridge compared to other popular hunting ammunition options.

  • Energy Equivalent to 450 Bushmaster with 20% Less Recoil
  • Over 20% More Energy than a 30-30 WIN and 25% More Energy than 350 Legend, with Greater Penetration
  • 100% More Energy than a 12-Gauge slug at 100 yards
  • 55% Less Recoil than a 12-Gauge slug

To learn more about the 400 Legend cartridge, visit the Winchester Ammunition’s website.

Pictures by Winchester Ammunition,

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