Biden’s Incompetence and Failure Reflecting in Polls

After two years of the Biden administration, our nation and the world are “unsettled” as Vice President Kamala Harris mentioned at her commencement address at West Point. What she didn’t mention was the swirling chaos is the result of Biden administration policy and incompetence. Memorial Day is always a time for reflection, and all we are facing reminds us of the work ahead to make sure the ultimate sacrifice paid by so many for our great country was not made in vain.

Reminding us of what we owe those who serve and give all, while speaking at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier on Memorial Day 1984, President Reagan said, “We may not know his name, but we know his courage. He is the heart, the spirit, and the soul of America.”

That was thirty-nine years ago. We’ve known for a while what a difference real leadership makes. Upon releasing their 2022 Reagan National Defense Survey last November, they note, “Every year, the Reagan Institute asks about Americans’ level of trust and confidence in a variety of public institutions. Just five years ago, 70% said they had a great deal of trust and confidence in the military. However, that percentage steadily declined, and last year, for the first time, a minority of Americans had the highest level of confidence in the military, only 45%…” The top response why this is the case is that military leadership has become overly politicized, with over half also saying “performance and competence of the military’s civilian leadership” adds to their distrust.

Moreover, with military recruitment far below our goals, the survey found a shocking collapse of interest by young people in serving our nation. Of those 18 to 29 years-old, only 7 percent were “very willing” to serve and 6 percent “extremely willing.” 25 percent were “somewhat willing.” In all honesty, after the Afghanistan catastrophe leading to the deaths of 13 of our service members, one can understand why young people aren’t so keen to serve with Biden as a Commander-in-Chief who called the disaster “messy” and is now stonewalling a probe into the fiasco.

The shocking incompetence of the Afghanistan withdrawal was not a bug but a feature of the Biden administration’s incompetence and carelessness. We have been suffering under these fools for so long Americans are now unifying in their disgust for what Biden is doing to the country.

Most Americans are fed up with soaring inflation and violent crime, uncontrolled illegal immigration, fentanyl and other opioids killing over 150 Americans a day, wasteful federal spending, extremist environmental policies, and radicals indoctrinating children with anti-American and transgender propaganda.

So it should come as no surprise that a new CNN poll finds 66% of Americans believe the reelection of stumbling, mumbling and bumbling President Joe Biden would be either a “disaster” or a “setback” for the United States.

The same poll showed that Biden has only a 35% approval rating among the American people. That’s just one point higher than the approval rating of President Jimmy Carter at the end of his disastrous one-term presidency.  

And if all this wasn’t bad enough news for Biden, an ABC News-Washington Post poll in early May found that 68% of Americans believe the 80-year-old president is too old to serve another term. By contrast, just 44% of Americans believe the 76-year-old far more vigorous Trump is too old for the job.

Consider Sen. Diane Feinstein, D-Calif., who turns 90 in June. While I disagree with her politically, she was a talented and effective elected official until recent years, when she became noticeably impaired intellectually, according to numerous news reports.

Sadly, Feinstein was hospitalized with shingles in February and then stricken with encephalitis — an inflammation of the brain that can cause memory loss. A poll of California voters published recently by the Los Angeles Times found that “nearly two-thirds of registered voters said her illness shows she is no longer fit to serve.”

Being president carries a lot more responsibilities than being a U.S. senator. If the president is not functioning at 100% our country suffers. Most alarming of all, should Biden have to resign because of ill health or not live through a second term, Vice President Kamala Harris would become president. 

Harris made history as the first female, Black and Asian American vice president. But she was born into those demographic categories, so you can’t count her gender and ethnicity as accomplishments.

Harris’s campaign for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination collapsed in 2019 before any votes were cast, her accomplishments in all the offices she has held are paper-thin, and many of her remarks in public consist of nonsensical word salads interrupted by out-of-place cackling laughter.

Biden pulled the wool over the eyes of the American people in the 2020 campaign, hiding in his basement and pretending he was a moderate and a unifier. But once in office, he turned out to be the most radical president in American history — a captive of the woke progressives who have seized control of the Democratic Party.

Despite his low approval ratings, Biden is going unchallenged by what some consider serious competitors for the Democratic presidential nomination, or at least that’s how Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is being portrayed. The denigration of Kennedy, who is capturing “a sizeable chunk” of Democratic voters, is likely rooted in Democratic Party leadership remembering Sen. Ted Kennedy’s challenge of President Jimmy Carter in 1980 contributed to Reagan’s victory over Carter. To protect Biden from any challengers the Democratic Party is even refusing to hold presidential primary debates.

The 2024 presidential election is 18 months away, so it’s much too early to predict how it will turn out. But it’s clear that our national interest would be better served if Biden withdrew his candidacy and let Democrats nominate someone more capable of leading our nation. Unfortunately, he’s made clear that he has no intention of bowing out. Or shall I say his handlers aren’t bowing out.

The good news is the American people have had enough and the establishment in Washington, DC will be reminded through the 2024 elections who the sovereign really is.

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