It’s Called Independence Day for a Reason!

By, Barbara Zakszewski

God Bless the United States of America on our Nation’s Independence Day, which happens to be on July 4th. We Celebrate INDEPENDENCE DAY, not the 4th of July! It’s important we don’t let  Liberal progressives shame us into saying only Happy 4th of July while allowing Independence Day to be sacrificed on the Altar of Political Correctness and Appeasement.

In the weeks and months preceding July 4, 1776, our Founding Fathers decided they’d had enough of the King of England’s crushing and tyrannical rule from across the Ocean, and the atrocities visited upon them. A summary of these reasons can be boiled down thus: The King behaved as a Tyrant, imposing unjust laws, taxing without appropriate representation, obstructing justice, and the forced quartering of troops among the colonies. It was only after all other avenues of remedy had been exhausted that these people took the unprecedented step of declaring their Independence and absolved all allegiance to the Crown of Britain. Fifty-five men, representing the 13 colonies “mutually pledged to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our Sacred Honor” and on July 4th, 1776 signed the Declaration of Independence via Action of the Second Continental Congress. The Declaration of Independence was viewed by Great Britain as an act of Treason. And thus, an Exceptional Nation was born.

These fifty-five men recognized that all Men are created equal, and endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights: Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and that government derives its just Powers from the Consent of the Governed. That is, WE THE PEOPLE are the government. We are not ruled by monarchs or dictators, but by representatives of OUR own choosing.

How many can say they have read the Declaration of Independence and understood its meaning? How many of our children and grandchildren have read or had the Declaration read to them? Are children being taught this in our Schools anymore? Not really, instead, liberal progressives are indoctrinating our children that America was and is an imperialistic nation; that the Founding Fathers were nothing more than paternalistic, white slave owners. The false narrative of Project 1619, that America was and is inherently evil and must be destroyed and then rebuilt into some kind of Marxist “utopia” where everyone joins hands and sings  “Imagine” all day is dangerous. In a Marxist regime, NO ONE is free or equal. All freedoms will be destroyed and we will have nothing. Don’t believe it. Read “1984” to see what happens when Marxism is taken to its illogical conclusion. That is why we must be willing to stand up to these accusations and attacks.

President Calvin Coolidge stated on the 150th Anniversary of the Declaration that the principles of America’s founding are timeless. Our Founding Fathers recognized appeasement to an enemy incurs only the further WRATH of that enemy. We need to find OUR fighting Spirit, we need to recover our Love of Nation and our belief in the Exceptionalism of America! We need to take it upon ourselves to teach ourselves, our children, and our grandchildren all about our Founding Documents and what they meant so that we know what we are fighting for.

On this, our Nation’s Independence, we need to understand and appreciate why it is an honor to be an American Citizen, and we also need to understand the rights and responsibilities of being an American Citizen. Legal Immigrants, who come to our Country legally, and follow all the prescribed steps; who learn English; who learn our Nation’s founding principles and learn about our founding documents, including our Declaration of Independence understand this and preserve in their quest to become a Citizen of the most exceptional nation on Earth, almost seem to appreciate America more than most of us, her Citizens. STOP  taking America for granted! STOP calling  America evil; appreciate and LEARN from our history, ALL of our History instead of destroying it. Educators need to stop teaching our children that America is evil and needs to be destroyed. As Congressman Crenshaw stated: “The mob wants to erase the American dream”; consequently our history, our principles, our vision.

Do yourself a favor these next couple of days. READ THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE. Yes, the language is a bit antiquated, but read it anyways. Read it to your children and grandchildren too. Learn the REAL history of our Nation’s founding. Be PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN AND BE READY TO DEFEND HER against the forces of evil at our work within. ENJOY THIS INDEPENDENCE DAY!

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