National Poll Worker Recruitment Day Is August 23

According to the United States Election Assistance Commission, a poll worker is critical to the success of an election. Having an adequate number of poll workers to staff polling places on and before Election Day can ensure voters receive the assistance they need at the polls and can help provide a positive and smooth voting experience for all.  

While specific duties and compensation vary depending on location, poll workers are the face of the election office during voting. Most jurisdictions task election workers with setting up and preparing the polling location, welcoming voters, verifying voter registrations, and issuing ballots. Poll workers also help ensure voters understand the voting process by demonstrating how to use voting equipment and explaining voting procedures. It is important to note that these positions are typically divided between Democrat and Republican registered voters. If there is a shortage of Republican poll workers, for example, those positions would be filled by Democrat registered voters. It is vital to maintain an even balance between the parties working the polls.

AMAC members responded in great numbers to work the polls for the 2022 mid-term elections. Thanks in part to their efforts, there was unprecedented conservative scrutiny on these elections last year. With the future of America hanging in the balance as we approach the 2024 presidential election, even more conservative participation in the election process is necessary to protect our sacred right to vote and ensure free and fair elections.

Please click here to learn more about becoming a poll worker for the 2024 election cycle. It is an honorable duty and your participation can make a huge difference!

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