Obama Third Term? His Fingerprints Are Everywhere

There is an abundance of the problems facing both America and the world today, and Barack Obama’s fingerprints are all over them. If you think because he no longer serves as the “official” president he is not highly influential, you aren’t paying attention. 

Many Americans believed Barack Obama did not have America’s best interests at heart when he was president and wanted to fundamentally change America. Initially, in addition to him uttering that “change has come to America” during his victory speech on election night in 2008, this stemmed from Obama’s omission of the words “God” and “creator” while quoting speeches that included them, sending White House “Holiday” cards in lieu of “Merry Christmas” ones, his embrace of the ideologies of Karl Marx and Saul Alinsky (1st of 8 steps to socialism is to control the healthcare, anyone?), and of course his characterization of the Constitution as “fundamentally flawed.” While those were valid reasons, they pale in comparison to his potentially treasonous behavior while he was president, and the fallout still unfolding from it today. 

President Trump’s claim that Obama spied on his campaign was labeled as another crazy tweet spree fueled by “baseless conspiracy theories.” The left determined it was too implausible for a smooth, charismatic, and egocentric man like Obama to be involved in such an implicating scheme while serving as the most powerful person on earth. However, the Durham report proved that President Obama knew the Hillary Clinton plot to use a fake dossier alleging Trump was colluding with Russia to surveil Trump’s 2016 campaign was a hoax. Despite knowing about this manufactured conspiracy, Obama not only allowed it to occur but also furthered the rumors by claiming Russia hacked the election. And just last month, a whistleblower came forward accusing Obama and Joe Biden of using the American judicial system to cover up their crimes while in office, which include a treasonous influence peddling scheme to enrich Biden and his family.

If ever questioned on the above matters, Obama would surely hide behind plausible deniability (no matter how not believable it would be for a sitting president to claim unawareness).  But his hasty support of an unconstitutional regime change in Ukraine in 2014 cannot be as easily hidden under the guise of ignorance.  

In early 2014, Ukraine underwent a tumultuous changing of the guard when President Viktor Yanukovych was removed from power. The Ukraine Parliament (the Verkhovna Rada) did not follow the proper procedure that their constitution requires. The procedure is time-consuming and requires the Rada to create a special investigative commission to find evidence that justifies the president’s removal. Once concluded, at least two-thirds of the Rada must vote to impeach. Then, the Constitutional Court must review the case and certify the constitutional procedure and verify the acts the president is being accused of are worthy of impeachment. Once this is conducted, at least three-quarters of the Rada must vote in favor. Despite these clearly defined parameters, they were not implemented.  

Instead, a bill was passed that removed the president from office. The bill didn’t even receive the necessary three-quarters (338 votes) of Rada support. It only received 328. Despite this, the Obama Administration responded with a statement saying:

“The President has signed an Executive Order that authorizes sanctions on individuals and entities responsible for activities undermining democratic processes or institutions in Ukraine.” 

Those were overbearing and extreme threats following such vague instructions. The Obama Administration, despite supporting the removal and threatening anybody who rightfully questioned it, wanted to be the arbiter on what it considered “activities that undermine democratic norms or institutions.” That is a major red flag regardless of one’s politics.  

President Yanukovych’s constructive relationship with Russia was stable enough to thwart a conflict like the one currently unfolding. Americans have every right to consider how impactful the unconstitutional removal (and Obama’s support of it) was in the escalation of Russia-Ukraine hostility that resulted in war years later, especially considering the billions of dollars in aid the United States continues to provide.  

Somehow, Obama’s influence is arguably more impactful at home than it is abroad. At one point, roughly three-quarters of Biden’s top 100 aides had previously served in the Obama Administration, this during a time where Americans’ freedoms have become increasingly violated. President Trump is the poster child for this victimization, and ties to Obama are clearly involved in his persecution.


Merrick Garland was appointed by Obama to serve on the Supreme Court after the passing of Justice Antonin Scalia. The Republican-majority Senate never voted on his appointment, and the vacancy would eventually be filled by President Trump with Justice Gorsuch. But now, Garland is serving as Biden’s Attorney General and leading the charge in the weaponization of the Department of Justice. Last August, he approved an unprecedented raid of a former president’s home over classified documents. Jack Smith was then named special counsel by Garland and was defended by him after he subsequently indicted Trump.

The president has the power to declassify any documents he chooses. However, a vice president has no such authority. Yet former Vice Presidents Biden and Pence were recently found to have classified documents in their possession. In Biden’s case, some were from his time as senator. For Pence and Biden, no raid, no indictment, no special counsel, and certainly no seal of approval from former Obama-appointed Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland.  

Shortly after the 2020 election, Obama sat down with leftist late-night TV host Stephen Colbert and couldn’t help himself from sharing his truly sordid desires. He revealed to Colbert that he would love to serve a third term, but only if there were an arrangement where a front man with an earpiece could be controlled and fed lines from Obama while he pulled the strings “from his basement in his sweats.” 

That was remarkably detailed for a “hypothetical.” Looking back now, it’s almost prophetic. Many have concluded that Joe Biden is not the brains behind the administration, nor is Kamala Harris. To further this theory, most presidents leave office and return to their home state to begin life after politics. The Obama family on the other hand moved into a home just blocks away from the White House. Couple this with Freudian slips referring to him as president and it is far from outrageous to question Obama’s current involvement. Asking questions is not a crime. Americans can draw their own conclusions regardless of attempts by this administration (and Obama) to infringe on Americans freedoms.

So, now Obama’s VP is president despite being universally viewed as a puppet from the start of his candidacy. He campaigned on issues that made most Americans think unfavorably of him such as transitioning from the oil industry, raising the corporate tax rate, and weakening our immigration policies. He then selected one of the most unpopular candidates as his running mate, barely campaigned, and drew small crowds when he did. And despite winning just 500 counties – 16.7 percent of the nation’s total and just 1 bellwether – Joe Biden sits in the oval office. It is unlikely such efforts would have been made if there wasn’t somebody on the other end of the campaign ready, willing, and able to assume command.

It would have been great if Obama’s corruption went with him when he left office, but the inconvenient truth is that this wasn’t the case. When he met Trump in the Oval Office after Trump won the 2016 election, Obama smiled and shook hands with the man he was covertly weaponizing his government against. There are no limits to his deceit, including apparently running a shadow presidency. Having suspicions about government used to be a unifying behavior for all people from both sides of the political spectrum. America would do well to return to that place.

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