Playing Pickleball is the New Craze

Playing pickleball has quickly become the new craze in America. Not only is it a fun and easy sport to pick up, but it is also a great way to get your exercise in. And with its growing popularity, you probably see pickleball courts popping up in your own town or city. In fact, the USA Pickleball Association even provides easy accessibility by letting you search for the nearest pickleball courts in your town, no matter where in America you’re from!

Some may wonder where the sport of Pickleball even came from. It goes back to the summer of 1965, when two men, Joel Pritchard and Bill Bell, were home with their families with nothing to do. Since the property had an old Badminton court, they looked for some equipment and ended up with some ping-pong paddles and a perforated plastic ball. After playing and realizing their makeshift idea was working, they created rules for it, and two years later, the first real pickleball court was made in Pritchard’s neighbor’s yard. In 1972, a corporation was formed for the sport, and it began to take off. Pickleball was becoming known as the country’s newest racquet sport.

Now, if you want to start playing pickleball, you may be wondering what your first steps should be. Luckily, the sport is easy to pick up for beginners! If you have friends who are into playing pickleball, reaching out to join in and get some lessons and practice may be a good idea. You can also search for the nearest pickleball courts and see if there are open times for you to play with others. Many pickleball locations offer lessons for beginners as well, but if you’re more comfortable learning on your own, there are plenty of resources and videos online that provide lessons and tips on playing pickleball.

In addition to the fun of the sport, playing pickleball can provide health benefits, especially for those who may struggle with sticking to a consistent fitness routine. Since pickleball is a fun and social activity, it has become the new easy form of exercise for many, both young and old. Playing pickleball has the ability to improve your hand-eye coordination and muscle strength. It also significantly impacts your cardiovascular health since it is an aerobic activity. It can even put you in a better mood by releasing endorphins! Plus, the socialization of the sport helps players avoid loneliness and therefore lowers the chances of depression. And since the courts are only a fourth of the size of a tennis court, players can control the intensity of the game and level of physical strain if needed.

So, if you’re new to the pickleball game, have no fear – it’ll be easy to learn and a great new hobby to play with friends, family, or grandkids! And with an estimated 36.5 million adults playing pickleball in America this past year, there is definitely a court and a friend nearby for you to join and start playing pickleball with.

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