State Fair Answer Key

AMAC Magazine Exclusive – Vol. 17 Issue 5- SEP/OCT ’23 

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State Fair Answer Key

Farmers, and cattle, and plows, oh my!

How well do you know this American staple? Test your knowledge on page 47 of the AMAC Magazine here, or check your answers below! 


1. Which of the following was NOT an attraction at the first State Fair in 1841?

A. Plowing Contest
B. Speeches
C. Animal Exhibition
D. Three-Legged Race

Answer: D. Three-Legged Race


2. Where was the first State Fair located in 1841?

A. Brooklyn, New York
B. Springfield, Illinois
C. Syracuse, New York
D. Houston, Texas

Answer: Syracuse, New York


3. What was the first established ridden attraction to appear at a State Fair (1849)?

A. Ferris Wheel
B. Bumper Cars
C. Lazy River
D. Roller Coaster

Answer: The Ferris Wheel

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