VSP Individual Vision Plan – Eye Exams Are Not Just About Vision

Did you know that eye exams are not just about vision?

Maintaining good eye health is crucial for your overall well-being, and regular eye check-ups are an essential part of this process. VSP Individual vision plans through Amac offers discounted products and services that America’s seniors desperately need in these time of high inflation.  

VSP offers individual vision insurance you can purchase without the hefty price tag.  Individual plans provide insurance coverage to those who do not have access either through employer-sponsored coverage or retirement plans.  Additionally, many members use individually purchased plans to help fill coverage gaps provided through traditional Medicare or Medicare Supplemental policies.

VSP’s Individual Vision Plans help individuals and families take care of their eye health by providing full-service vision coverage with low out of pocket costs. Your vision is valuable and VSP is here to help you continue to take care of all your eye care and eyewear needs.

We understand you have options when deciding how to protect your vision health.  That’s why VSP takes great effort to bring you full coverage that will save you money. In fact, VSP members typically save more than $300 a year.1 With VSP, there are no waiting periods, and you can use your benefits the same day.

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