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Kamala Harris Wants To Rule The U.S.

Should current ruler Joe Biden be deemed “unfit” to control and dictate to the human cattle living in the United States, Kamala Harris is ready to take over. Harris made the comments to the Wall Street Journal, amid growing concerns about Biden’s advanced age and apparent memory problems.

The ruling class is always ready to rule over others, and this is not surprising. Harris is no different. She’s a master and is looking forward to more power over the slave class citizenry.  The comments come one week after the vice president had made them during a flight on Air Force Two. Harris was asked whether concerns over Biden’s memory meant she must convince the public she was ready to rule over them.

“I am ready to serve. There’s no question about that,” Harris stated. Who exactly is she “serving”? Political parasites serve only themselves. They take the fruits of our labor to enrich themselves and we’re supposed to be grateful little peasants for it.  Government is slavery and she isn’t taking orders from the human cattle. It will be the other way around. Using the word “serve” doesn’t change reality. She also brushed off the suggestion that she actually needs to convince voters of anything. Anyone who sees her doing her job of controlling and manipulating the slaves, “walks away fully aware of my capacity to lead,” she claimed.

The slave class is also currently not a big fan of Harris’s or Biden’s. Sadly, many want to bow to and be ruled over by Donald Trump instead. According to a fresh poll by NBC which RT reported on, the vice president’s rating reached a new low, with a combined 53% of registered voters viewing her negatively. A vast majority of those holding such an opinion of her – some 42% of all the respondents interviewed during the poll – said they were actually “very negative” about her. At the same time, only a combined 28% of them held a positive view of Harris.

Hopefully, Americans in general will realize that all politicians are just their masters and will start to have a negative view of anyone who wants to rule over them in any capacity.

The Path To Freedom & Abolishing Slavery

Never has there been a more important time to watch the Jones Plantation. This movie lets its audience know exactly how sociopaths can rule over and control entire populations. They can do it with simple games and mind tricks. But once you know them, it’s hard to be someone else’s slave. We all should learn and grow, and this movie is a great first step toward breaking free.

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