2023 Holiday Gift Guide: Just for Fun

Let’s face it: Going to the range is fun. Safely enjoying the shooting sports is fun. This holiday season, why not pick up a few things to keep the fun going when the guns are put back in the safe? 

Just for Fun

1 | Umarex Legends M3 Grease Gun Full Auto BB Gun
While owning a genuine World War II-era M3 Grease Gun would certainly be cooler, having one you can afford to shoot more than once a decade is almost as good. Umarex’s Legend series also has pellet-firing replicas of other iconic firearms like the Broomhandle Mauser and Thompson submachine gun. $239.99; umarexusa.com

2 | Retro-Rifle Rising Palm
Looking for a way to show off your love for all things firearm in a loud, yet strikingly subtle manner? Check out the shirts from Retro-Rifle. Not only are they a great conversation piece, they also all sport fun designs featuring tastefully placed guns and are made from high-quality materials for a perfect fit. New designs drop every Tuesday and Friday, and these shirts sell out fast! $49.95; retro-rifle.com

3 | Best Cigar Prices 90+ Rated All-Star 5-Cigar Combo & Cutter
This deal for Shooting Illustrated readers is smokin’ hot. Five outstanding, premium cigars from makers like Rocky Patel, Oliva, Alec Bradley, Romeo y Julieta and Montecristo, along with a cutter for the price of basically one stick? We’ll take it. Hurry, though; the deal expires on Jan. 31, 2024. $15.99; bestcigarprices.com/NP009

4 | Gamo Three Diamond Target 
You’ll never have to leave the bench with this tough and durable airgun target. Varying target sizes put your precision-shooting skills to the test and move when hit. Thanks to a solid base, it doesn’t need to be shoved into the ground. $11.70; gamousa.com

5 | Apex Tactical AZ Nunchuks Single Point Nunchuck Set
Who doesn’t want the opportunity to injure themselves? Alternately, you can pretend you’re a member of the post-adolescent, altered Ninjitsu-practicing aquatic reptiles, or just admire the craftsmanship of this 1980s action-movie staple that you can own. $65; apextactical.com

6 | Wilson Combat Shirt, Short Sleeve, Retro, Heather Blue
Combining retro appeal with pride of ownership, this T-shirt from Wilson Combat has the same design as that worn by Bill Wilson during his competitive years. $19.11; wilsoncombat.com

7 | CRKT Onion Throwing Knives, Fixed
With axe-throwing venues all the rage these days, it’s only a matter of time before throwing knives come back in style. Beat the rush with these precision-balanced, 1050 carbon steel throwing knives that come in a set of three with a nylon sheath. $75; crkt.com

8 | Primos Hunting/Pursuit Energy drink
Since hunting usually requires participants to wake up far too early in the morning, a new partnership between Primos Hunting and Pursuit offers a line of energy drinks perfect for helping enthusiasts deal with that 4 a.m. wake-up call. Two sugar-free and two regular options are available. $8.75/4-pack; pursuitenergy.com

9 | National Rifle Association Membership
Give your friends and family the gift of freedom. Membership comes with copious benefits, including a choice of monthly magazine (we suggest Shooting Illustrated, of course) and the knowledge you’re helping to protect the rights our cherished Second Amendment protects. $45; membership.nra.org

10 | Battlebrick MRAP Army APC
There are the interlocking plastic bricks you played with as a child, and then there is this mighty machine, complete with a miniature plastic soldier in full battle gear and a rotating gun turret. Putting it together is a fun project for the whole family. $84.99; battlebrickcustoms.com

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