American Outdoor Brands Honors Staff Veterans

American Outdoor Brands (AOB), a leading provider of products and accessories for outdoor enthusiasts, honored its employees who served to protect our American freedoms last week. In recognition of the fact they stood on the front line of freedom with the United States Air Force, Army, Marine Corps and Navy—and continue to make a positive impact on AOB’s business—each received a gift card to take a friend or family member to dinner, custom shirt and hat.

“We enjoy tremendous freedoms in the U.S., including the ability to operate and grow companies like American Outdoor Brands, because of the generous gift of service our current military personnel and veterans have given us,” said AOB President and CEO Brian Murphy when he met with the veteran staff members. “On behalf of American Outdoor Brands, thank you. We will be forever indebted to our American veterans for their patriotism, love of country, and their willingness to sacrifice for the benefit of each of us and for our way of life.”

The company’s outreach wasn’t exclusively internal, though. As part of its Veteran’s Day outreach it also donated to Honor Flight, an organization that transports veterans to Washington, DC, to visit monuments that recognize their sacrifices.

In a more personal gesture, AOB’s entire staff was also invited to write hand-written thank you notes for those who served and are now currently being treated at Harry S. Truman Memorial Veteran’s Hospital, the health facility in Columbia, MO where AOB is headquartered.

AOB is an industry leading provider of outdoor products and accessories, including shooting, self-defense, personal security, hunting, fishing, camping and outdoor cooking. The company’s brands are some of the best-known today, including Caldwell, Crimson Trace, Frankford Arsenal, Wheeler, Schrade, Uncle Henry, Imperial and others.

AOB officially spun off the Smith & Wesson Brands on Aug. 24, 2020.

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