Armasight Sidekick 320 Thermal Optic Boasts the Smallest Size

At this year’s SHOT Show, Armasight announced the coming of its Sidekick 320 thermal optic. The time has come, and the company announces the release of the tiny, handheld thermal monocular. Boasting the smallest size 12-micron 320 thermal imaging monocular on the market, the unit can be handheld or mounted to a helmet.

The Armasight Sidekick 320 Thermal Optic

Featuring an ULTEM composite body, the Sidekick 320 is rugged and protects the 1024 x 768 OLED display under hard use. Likewise, the ergonomic design is ideal for handheld mini-monocular operation. However, weighing under 210 grams and including a built-in mini-rail, the unit can also be mounted to a headset/helmet with the available Ravyn Rail Bridge Mount. As a result, the Sidekick fits your operational requirements.

Boasting a 60Hz frame rate, the OLED display provides a crisp image and smooth operation. Likewise, the optic delivers industry-best, outstanding visual acuity—according to the company—based on Armasight’s Iron Wolf thermal technology platform. In addition, the screen utilizes iconography to provide key information for fast operation.

(Photo by Armasight)

Offering an extensive suite of features, including video and image capture, the Sidekick utilizes simplified 3-button controls for easy manipulation. Similarly, the USB video stream and USB-C interface allow you to view your recordings and photos on external devices. Additionally, multiple color palettes provide a wide range of thermal imaging.

Operating on a single CR123A battery, the Sidekick provides one hour of operation. However, the unit ships with a battery compartment extender, allowing for the installation of two batteries for a four-hour runtime. The battery compartment extender also fits a 16650 rechargeable battery for a similar runtime, but it cannot be charged in the unit. Finally, the unit can be powered externally, and runtimes will vary depending on the external battery capacity.

The Armasight Sidekick 320 Thermal Optic.
(Photo by Armasight)

Editor’s Note:

I spoke with a representative at Armasight, and he notified me that with firmware updates, battery times should increase. However, there is no word on when the first firmware update will be released.


The Armasight Sidekick 320 Thermal Optic is available now with an MSRP of $2,299.00. For more info, please visit Armasight.com.

Armasight Sidekick 320 Thermal Optic Features

The Armasight Sidekick 320 Thermal Optic.
(Photo by Armasight)
  • Multiple color palettes
  • Intuitive 3-button control
  • 1 hour runtime on 1 CR123A battery at 20° C
  • Image Detail Enhancement
  • Dovetail Mini-Rail Included for Helmet Mounting (with optional mount)
  • Video Recording & Image Capture
  • USB Video Stream
  • USB-C Interface for External Devices
  • Compass
  • Battery Status Indicator
  • ULTEM Composite Body and Ergonomic Design
  • Designed and Assembled in the USA from U.S. and global component

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