Belgian Federal Police Select Blackhawk T-Series Holster

Blackhawk—one of the legendary brands owned by Vista Outdoor—announced on Dec. 7 that the United Security Group has been awarded a four-year contract from the Federal Police in Belgium to deliver new duty holsters from the Blackhawk’s T-series holster line. As part of the contract, law enforcement professionals in the Belgian Federal Police and local police zones in Belgium will begin utilizing T-Series L3D holsters to carry their primary service pistols.

“This contract is a testament to the craftsmanship of Blackhawk products and the brand’s commitment to equipping law enforcement officials around the globe,” said Jeff Sposito, who leads the Blackhawk and Stone Glacier brands for Vista Outdoor. “We take pride in supplying military personnel and law enforcement officers with the gear they need to keep their communities safe, and we know the Belgian Federal Police are now carrying the world’s best holster.”

The Belgian Federal Police selected the Blackhawk holsters to carry their service pistol, the Smith & Wesson M&P9, while the local police zones in Belgium will have the ability to purchase new duty holsters compatible with their Glock G17/G45 service pistols. The contract has a value of over $2.1 million and features the same holster solution that was adopted earlier this year by the French Army and the Niedersachsen State Police of Germany.

“We are honored to have our T-Series holsters selected by such a prestigious international agency,” said Liam Yarbrough, senior product line manager with Blackhawk. “This partnership signifies the trust officers place in our holsters, and it reinforces our commitment to keeping those who protect and serve safe on the job. It’s a privilege to play a role in their mission, and we take this responsibility seriously.”

To date, T-Series holsters have been selected for duty use by more than 3,200 law enforcement agencies both in the U.S. and abroad. As the world’s first thumb-driven, dual-injected molded holster, the T-Series is Blackhawk’s premier duty-rated holster.

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