CNN Roasts 5 Biden Gun Lies in Rare ‘When Pigs Fly’ Moment

The entire firearms and 2A community is fully aware of the staggering array of President Joe Biden gun lies. Every single the time the president take to the stage or the airwaves, he takes aim at his favorite target–guns. And each time he bumbles, exaggerates or quite often outright lies about key components of the 2nd Amendment, gun safety or gun owners. And it’s got to stop. In a rare thrashing from the mainstream media, CNN called the president out for his latest round of deceptions.

5 President Joe Biden Gun Lies Roasted by CNN

CNN tracked a series of speeches and appearances over the last couple of weeks, specifically calling out the president for five false claims made about gun policy, gun control and generally anything he could imagine about guns, apparently.

1. Beau Biden & Red Flag Laws

According to CNN, Biden turned to talking about his late son, Beau (not Hunter Biden, who recently and immaculately avoided prison for alleged felonious gun crimes). He championed Beau for enforcing red flag laws in Delaware. “As my son was the first to enforce when he was attorney general,” CNN reported. Problem is, Delaware did not have red flag law when Beau Biden served as attorney general. The state passed legislation, in Beau’s name no doubt, three years after his service.

2. Stabilizing Pistol Braces

The president, in the same speech, then turned his attention to pistol braces, reported CNN. And it’s hard to separate intentional lie here from gross incompetence or comprehension. The president said: “Put a pistol on a brace, and it…turns into a gun,” Biden said. “Makes them where you can have a higher-caliber weapon – a higher-caliber bullet – coming out of that gun. It’s essentially turning it into a short-barreled rifle, which has been a weapon of choice by a number of mass shooters.” Uh, what? There’s so much wrong here we don’t even need to break it down like CNN did. The president clearly knows nothing about AR-15s, pistol braces, or how they work.

3. Gun Manufacturers & Lawsuits

The president, according to CNN, repeated an old claim: “The only industry in America you can’ sue is the – is the gun manufacturers.” And to that, we say: We wish! CNN labeled this yet another false claim. The 2005 Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act is supposed to keep our gun companies held safe from libel. But the Supreme Court allowed Remington to be sued over the Sandy Hook shooting. Meanwhile, the vultures circle once more in Uvalde, Texas, attempting to wreck Daniel Defense over the actions of the deranged. So much for all this protection the presidents goes on about. Biden also claimed the NRA enjoys the same lawsuit protection. Well that’s just an outright lie; no law or protections exist for the NRA.

4. Machine Guns

In California, predictably, Biden claimed he taught the 2nd Amendment in law school, which sounds laughable. He said: “And guess what? It doesn’t say that you can own any weapon you want. It says there are certain weapons that you just can’t own. … “You can’t own a machine gun.” Well, we all know our beloved 2nd Amendment absolutely acknowledges the right to own guns, not take any away. And yeah, the federal government doesn’t ban machine gun ownership either. Only Draconian little states do that. But more than half the country still enjoys machine gun ownership, despite the legal NFA hoops and cost.

5. The ‘Boyfriend Loophole’

According to CNN, the president claimed “we fought like hell to close the so-called boyfriend loophole.” This ridiculousness describes those convicted of prior domestic violence buying a gun, being a boyfriend and not a spouse, or living with a child, etc. Biden claimed he stopped those individual and they “cannot buy a firearm, period.” CNN categorized this one as an exaggeration. A 2022 law added some limits, but gun ownership rights revert back after five years without future offenses.

The full CNN article makes no bones about it. They call out Biden for each of his mischaracterizations, lack of understanding, exaggeration and outright lies. The president has made a long career attacking law-abiding citizens, gun manufacturers and everything the 2A community holds dear. It’s way past time he took some flak for all the grenades he’s lobbed in our direction.

It’s very clear. Our president shows a complete lack of understanding, exaggerates the truth or completely fabricates and lies when he talks about guns. That’s who he is and what he does.

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