CrossBreed Holsters Updated Confidant 2.0 Magazine Carrier

Earlier this year CrossBreed Holsters released its universal Confidant Multi-Fit Magazine Carrier (below). Since its release, the carrier experienced growing popularity due to its ability to carry a large variety of magazines. However, it was slightly large. So, the company has released the Confidant 2.0, which adds strength and durability while slimming down the overall design.

The CrossBreed Holsters Confidant 2.0 Multi-Fit Magazine Carrier

Designed to accommodate a wide range of single and double-stack magazines, the Confidant is constructed of high-impact, flexible polymers. Ensuring a snug fit for multiple magazine sizes, the carrier joins the front and rear clamshell-style panels together with fore and aft flexible polymer bands. Although this provides a secure fit for most magazines, it’s worth noting that it will not accommodate .22 magazines, some .380 single stack, and select .45 double stack magazines.

The Confidant 2.0 now features enhanced structural stability via an integrated belt clip. This one-piece design provides more stable positioning of the magazine carrier on the belt. Likewise, it provides less movement of the mag carrier during insertion and retrieval of your magazine. As a result, you experience faster speed reloads.

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In addition, the integrated belt clip offers a stronger belt interface while carrying OWB (outside the waistband). This helps to further reduce the chance of breakage during use.

Along with structural updates, CrossBreed also addressed the profile of the Confidant, making it slimmer. The reduced profile provides a more discrete and comfortable carry experience in either OWB or IWB (inside the waistband) carry. Not to mention, it is more concealable without compromising magazine compatibility.

The upgrades to the Confidant come without increasing the cost, which remains $29.95. To learn more about the first-generation Confidant Magazine Carrier, please read below. For more information about the Confidant 2.0 Multi-Fit Magazine Carrier, please visit CrossBreedHolsters.com.

The CrossBreed Holsters Confidant 2.0 Multi-Fit Magazine Carrier.
(Photo by CrossBreed Holsters)
On April 12, 2023, Personal Defense World reported:

One thing about gun enthusiasts is that they typically have more than one gun. Most likely, many more. The only problem is a lot of guns equals a lot of holsters. This means extra money and adjusting to their differences when carrying. This generally translates to extra magazine carriers as well. However, CrossBreed Holsters solves the magazine problem with its Confidant Magazine Carrier, which is compatible with most magazines.

CrossBreed Holsters Confidant Magazine Carrier

Constructed of a combination of high-impact, flexible polymers, the Confidant can withstand hard use and harsh environments. Likewise, the rugged polymer offers impact resistance, protecting your magazine from the rigors of daily wear.

CrossBreed Holsters Confidant Magazine Carrier.

The front and rear clamshell-style panels are joined together with fore and aft flexible polymer bands. Ensuring a snug fit for any magazine, the bands expand when a magazine is inserted into the carrier. The elastomer polymer bands have passed rigorous evaluations, including the “1,000 draw” test under extreme cold and hot temperatures.

With its self-adjusting, multi-fit design, the Confidant retains sufficient retention that never requires adjusting or fine-tuning. Additionally, the reversible design allows for the Confidant to be worn in either OWB or IWB configuration via a clip-on belt clip.

According to the company, the Confidant will accommodate the most commonly used single and double-stack magazines. However, it will not accommodate .22 and some .45 double-stack magazines. If you are unsure whether your .45 double-stack magazine will fit, I recommend contacting the company before purchasing.

Editor’s Note:

Unfortunately, I have not seen one of these in person yet but will admit it looks a little bulky. However, the bulk looks like it is more in width than depth. So, it looks like it probably won’t stick out much, if any, further than a standard magazine carrier. But it does look like it will have a fairly wide footprint on the belt.

Without actually carrying it, I can’t speak to whether or not it would be cumbersome. But sometimes, you have to accept the tradeoffs for wide-ranging compatibility. If you have enough different magazines of various calibers, it is probably worth the tradeoff. However, if you only have a couple of firearms, then it’s a judgment call.

CrossBreed Holsters Confidant Magazine Carrier.


The CrossBreed Holsters Confidant Magazine Carrier is available now, with an MSRP of $29.95. For more info, please visit CrossBreedHolsters.com.

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