Ex-military doc fights Irish mob in upcoming hostage thriller ‘Mercy’

The Irish Mob takes a stateside hospital hostage in an upcoming film called “Mercy.”

Irish mobster Patrick (Jon Voight) is out golfing when he learns from his son Sean (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) that his other son Ryan (Anthony Konechky) has been shot.

At first it appears that Patrick visits the hospital out of fatherly concern, but once it’s revealed that Ryan is also being detained the FBI, all hell breaks loose.

Michelle Miller (Leah Gibson) is at the hospital with her son when things go awry. Working with the federal agents, she is revealed to have a background as a military doctor and, if the trailer is any indication, some sort of mixed martial artist.

Cops describe Miller in the trailer as a Purple Heart recipient, though Hollywood inaccuracies make it unclear what branch she was in. The decorated uniform shown is a Marine dress blue coat, but the FBI refers to her as a “soldier.”

The trailer’s poorly executed military terminology is then supplemented by Miller’s display of one of the worst salutes in U.S. history.

Nonetheless, the crime drama appears to hinge on a conspiracy to bring the Irish family down. Something is certainly amiss in the film, just not Voight’s incredible Irish accent.

Paramount is producing the film, which is directed by Tony Dean Smith.

“Mercy” is set to hit theaters on May 19.

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