Fastest Man Alive, Jerry Miculek Sets Revolver Record!

Jerry Miculek has done it! The longtime national and world champion shooter, in nearly every conceivable shooting discipline, recently set two two shooting world records on plate racks. Miculek set a new Handgun Word Record in a time of 2.01 seconds. Then incredibly, he established a new Revolver World Records with a time of 1.88 seconds!

Jerry Miculek Sets Revolver, Pistol World Record

Jerry Miculek is without question one of the greatest shooters of all-time. For many, he’s the greatest to ever do it. A national and world champion in nearly every conceivable shooting discipline, the famed Smith & Wesson and Mossberg trigger puller is an absolute legend. So Jerry had his sights set on doing something completely original: break the Guinness Book of World Records time for running a plate rack. But Jerry being Jerry, he wanted to do it with a revolver.

“In the Untied States, everything is speed rated,” Miculek said. “Everybody wants to go faster, higher, or whatever. To me, racing a revolver or pistol just seemed to be a concept, but through the previous 30 years that I competed, no one has done a Guinness Record Book of Records attempt on a plate rack with a revolver. So that’s what I want to do; I want to establish a new revolver record.

In 2017, SIG Sauer’s Max Michel established the original Guinness Book of World Records performance on a plate rack with a semi-auto pistol. From the hands-up, surrender position, Michel came out of the holster and knocked down all six plates in a remarkable 2.05 seconds. Micuelk was able to eclipse this feat with a semi-auto and revolver, an incredible shooting accomplishment.

Miculek is arguably the greatest shooter of all-time. He’s won more than 20 ICORE revolver championships, to go along with USPSA, 3-Gun, IDPA and more. But to gear up for this challenge, he needed a specialized wheelgun. So he brought all the folks and Smith & Wesson onboard to dial in the gear for a historic run.

“All records are meant to be broken,” Miculek said. “Mine are up for grabs; everybody’s record is up for grabs.”

Watch part three of this three-part documentary, as the legend goes after another piece of shooting history. For more on Jerry’s race guns, visit smith-wesson.com.

Record Attempt – Part 2

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