First Look: Alien Gear TAQ-STRAP

Alien Gear Holsters recently unveiled its new TAQ-STRAP at the US Army’s AUSA trade show that was held recently in Washington, DC, from October 9 to 11 at the Walter E Washington Convention Center.

Alien Gear’s new TAQ-STRAP concept is pertinent to modern life saving TCCC (Tactical Combat Casualty Care) by replacing conventional 1.5 inch wide webbing and straps used for gear belts, duty holsters and drop leg holster mounts. TAQ-STRAPs themselves are designed with a sturdy external load bearing strap with an internal constricting portion that in the case of a GSW (gunshot wound) allows the wearer to immediately apply circumferential pressure to their limb without having to waste time to remove any gear. The Alien Gear TAQ-STRAP serves as a hasty tourniquet to better control bleeding. Although the Alien Gear TAQ-STRAP does have an outer ratcheting mechanism similar to other tourniquet designs currently in use, the TAQ-STRAP is not intended to replace a dedicated tourniquet nor is it a substitute for proper combat casualty care. It’s intended to help the wearer immediately and keep them in the fight if necessary until they can get the proper medical attention.

The TAQ-STRAP not only works on Alien Gear designed and manufactured products, but it is also compatible with holsters and drop leg systems offered by other manufacturers. This piece of gear was designed by Randy Watts, an employee of Alien Gear with decades of operational experience in the US Military and various tactical law enforcement roles. The TAQ-STRAP is sold as a bundle with various configurations for Alien Gear’s own products or from other brands. It is also offered as a standalone item and has a starting retail price of $85. To learn more about the various options and other TAQ-STRAP configurations, please visit Alien Gear Holster’s website at aliengearholsters.com.

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