First Look: CHPWS Modular Scope Ring

C&H Precision has just unveiled the CHPWS Modular Ring Mount, a new standalone mount that attaches directly to the main tube of either a 30mm or 34mm riflescope while giving the shooter a chance to mount a secondary or backup micro red dot on to their primary optic. The CHPWS Modular Ring Mount works like any scope ring and is held together with the pressure of two screws. Because it mounts anywhere on the main tube, the end user can also choose the exact position and angle of their secondary optic. The Ring Mount’s surface is based on the popular Glock MOS pattern, so users can use a Glock MOS compatible plate that also matches the footprint of their red dot of choice. Customers can purchase the CHPWS Modular Ring Mount on its own or with different footprint adapter plates.

The concept of a secondary optic next to or around a primary optic is nothing new and provides the shooter a very quick and fast handling sighting system for close-range shots. Shooting at closer distances with traditionally magnified optics or even an LPVO (low power variable optics) can be cumbersome and slower since the minimum zooms on those optics may still be too much for the necessary sight picture, or it may take too long to zoom the scope between low and high magnification. Additionally, shooters may not have time to properly get the correct eye relief needed to make the shot, which also wastes time. The Modular Ring Mount skips the use of the primary optic’s mount or extra rail space to mount the secondary optic and serves as another option for shooters who want to use the scope and mounts they already have. CHPWS sells its Modular Ring Mount for a starting retail price of $75. To learn more about this product or other products from CHPWS, please visit chpws.com. 

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