First Look: Crossbreed Confidant 2.0 Magazine Carrier

Crossbreed Holsters has just announced the launch of the latest iteration of its multi-fit magazine carrier, the new Confidant 2.0 Multi Fit Mag Carrier. 

Like the original Crossbreed Holsters Multi Fit Mag Carrier, this newer and improved version is designed to fit most double- and single-stack pistol magazines while also having a slimmer profile and smaller footprint than its predecessor. In addition to a more efficient size, the new Crossbreed Confidant 2.0 also has a belt clip as part of the magazine carrier’s actual rear panel which improves the integrity and structure of the accessory.

Due to its practical design, the new Confidant 2.0 Multi Fit Mag Carrier can be carried either outside the waistband or inside the waistband. The idea behind this Crossbreed design was to provide a one-size-fits-all EDC (Every Day Carry) solution to carriers who may carry a different type of gun depending on the weather, their manner of dress and their specific circumstances. Instead of having separate magazine carriers for each type of gun, wearers could use the Crossbreed Holsters Multi Fit carrier and stop worrying about having multiples.

Carrying a spare magazine is a common practice amongst serious CCW and EDC practitioners. The reason they do it is not necessarily because they expect to end up in a protracted gunfight with their carry gun, but rather spare magazines are carried in case that the carry gun experiences any malfunctions or stoppages. It’s faster to strip the mag in the gun, address the stoppage and load it with a new one. The new Crossbreed Holsters Confidant 2.0 Multi Fit Magazine carrier has a standard retail price of $35. To learn more about this new EDC accessory, please visit crossbreedholsters.com.

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