First Look: Hawke Optics Frontier 34 Riflescopes

Hawke Optics is releasing a new long first-focal-plane riflescope product line designed for long-range shooting called the Hawke Optics Frontier 34. There are two different base scopes available with different reticle options in this new lineup, part of Hawke Optics’ System H7 series.

The Frontier 34 name is devised from the fact that these riflescopes are built around a 34mm main tube, which is wider than the traditional 1 inch main tube diameter found in earlier optics. In the realm of high-end tactical optics, the trend has shifted toward these wider tubes, as they allow more light to pass through the optic to the eye, giving the shooter more advantages when shooting in challenging light conditions. As the Frontier 34 lineup is meant for longer distance shooting, each scope is also outfitted with a first-focal-plane reticle (FFP). FFP reticles are another hallmark of higher end optics and they are designed to shrink or grow in proportion to the zoom level of the optic, keeping all subtensions true at any distance. This is not the case for second-focal-plane optics, which can be cheaper to manufacture. There are two models initially available in the Frontier 34 line, a 3-18 x 50mm scope and a 5-30 x 56mm scope. 

Hawke Optics Frontier 34 Specifications:

  • Reticle Options: (2 First Focal Plane) Mil Pro Ext or MOA Pro Ext, with 11 levels of illumination
  • Click Values: .10 MRAD or ¼ MOA
  • Main Tube Diameter: Single piece 34mm aluminum
  • Battery: CR 2032
  • Eye Relief: 4 inches
  • Lens: Fully multicoated 
  • Length: 13.3 or 15.4 inches 
  • Weight: 27.9 or 29.3 ounces

Each Hawke Optics Frontier 34 FFP scope is supplied with an instruction manual, a reticle booklet, a lens cloth, pro flip up covers, a 4-inch-long sun shade, a zoom lever and a CR 2032 battery. For more information on these scopes or other products from Hawke Optics, please visit hawkeoptics.com. 

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