First Look: High Speed Gear and Phokus Medical Kits

High Speed Gear (HSGI) and Phokus Research Group are collaborating together in order to bring new tactical medical products to markets that can support individual team members or the entire squad.

“These are some of the best new pouches in the industry. Whenever you combine the technical ability and industry leading designers from HSGI with the subject matter experts from Phokus Research Group that hold years of tactical medical expertise, the end results are going to be great,” stated Bill Babboni, the COO of HSGI, Inc.

The focus of this brand partnership is to develop and design better versions of essential combat medical gear such as individual first aid kits (IFAKs), micro trauma kits, and combat lifesaver bags. This collaborative effort results in 100-percent American made and Berry Amendment compliant gear. These new medical bags and pouches are lightweight, compact and designed for ease of use. All of these kits are designed to organized around the end user while keeping the key points of tactical combat and lifesaving medicine and the most essential gear. These kits have also been upgraded to include the latest and greatest of today’s combat lifesaving TCCC gear and accessories. “Working closely with the experts at Phokus allowed us to prioritize features and details that add real value by improving the users’ experience,” said Daniel Chaney, a Senior Designer at High Speed Gear, Inc.

Newly designed Medical Gear Items from HSGI Include:

  • Rapid Access Multipurpose Pouch (RAM Pouch)
  • Med Pak
  • Team Response Kit Bag (TRiK Bag)
  • Ancillary Medical Pouch (AMP Pouch)
  • Operator Response Kit (ORK)
  • Team Response Kit (TRiK)

For more information please visit both the websites of High Speed Gear Inc and Phokus Research Group.

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