First Look: Magtech Steel Case 9mm

Magtech has just launched a new product line of 9mm centerfire handgun cartridges that are loaded with steel cases, as opposed to the more expensive brass cartridges, in order to help cut down on costs and then pass the savings onto customers.

“We are excited to introduce Magtech Steel Case 9mm to the market,” said Troy Duerr, President of Magtech Ammunition. “This new product is manufactured to the same high standards as our brass ammunition with a more economical price point. We are confident that it will be a popular choice for target shooting and range use.”

Presently, only 115-grain FMJ bullets are being loaded on Magtechs’s new steel case product line. Besides the different cartridge-casing material, these cartridges are loaded with the same bullets, propellants and primers that are found on standard Magtech handgun ammunition lines. The steel cases for this new release are zinc-plated and polished to an extremely high level which reduces the need for problematic lacquers, polymer coatings, and other case treatments that often result in reduced performance. Magtech isn’t the first ammunition producer to offer bulk target ammunition in casings made from alternative materials, but given price increases for nearly everything, the chance to save some money will be welcomed by many shooters.

9mm 115-Grain Magtech Steel Case Specifications

  • Bullet Type: FMJ
  • Bullet Weight: 115 grains
  • Case: Steel
  • Primer: Small Pistol Primer 1 1/2
  • Ballistic Coefficient: 0.144
  • Packaging (inner box): 50
  • Packaging (outer box): 1,000

9mm 115 Grain Magtech Steel Case Data: (Four Inch Test Barrel)

  • Muzzle Velocity: 1135 fps
  • Muzzle Energy: 329 ft./lbs.
  • Bullet Trajectory: 1.9 inches low at 50 yards, 11.8 inches low at 100 yards

For more information on this new 9mm round or other ammo options from Magtech, please visit magtechammunition.com. 

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