First Look: MDT Shot Timer

MDT Sporting Goods Ltd is releasing a new shot timer, the MDT Training Shot Timer.

Shot timers have been around for decades. Shot timers are used in a wide variety of shooting competitions to track the time each shooter requires to make their shots. At their most basic level, they are electronic devices that send out a loud beep to let shooters know that the clock is running, and use a microphone to record a string of shots, along with shot splits (the time in between each shot). In addition to this, shot timers are used in the tactical training environment to measure shooter progress over time. In the past, shot timers were nothing bu a basic box that had an alkaline battery and used a rudimentary screen with some basic settings. The MDT Training Shot Timer is a modern take on these traditional units.

The MDT Training Shot Timer has its own app that lets the device talk to your phone, and it can be charged via a USB-C cable or wirelessly, in the same way modern smartphones are charged, eliminating the need for the alkaline batteries of yesteryear.

MDT Training Shot Timer Specifications and Features:

  • Comes with its own app to track progress, review shooting information and record live video
  • App also supports ability to create and run through virtual shooting stages
  • Sensitivity adjustment to accommodate a wide variety of firearms and shooting styles that is also sensitive enough to use with dry-fire practice or suppressed firearms
  • Suitable for IPSC, USPSA, IDPA, 3-Gun, PRS or tactical training
  • Charges via USB-C cable or wirelessly
  • Internal battery charge may last up to one month with regular use
  • Strong magnetic backing so it can be attached to steel/metal surfaces at the range or shooting bays
  • Water resistant
  • MSRP $299

For more information on the Training Shot Timer or other products from MDT, please visit mdttac.com.

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