First Look: N8 Tactical Magna Clip

N8 Tactical has begun selling the new Magna Clip Magazine carrier, which is designed to let concealed carriers carry a spare handgun magazine using magnets inside a pocket while breaking up the profile of the magazine, preventing the spare magazine from printing or bulking up against fabric.

The Magna Clip magazine carrier uses the power of neodymium grade magnets to fully and securely hold handguns magazines in place. The magnets are strong enough that no other forms of retention are necessary with the design. Magazines stay put even if the wearer is doing strenuous or brisk physical activity, but even then, a firm pull will be enough to defeat the Magna Clips magnetic retention. The carrier itself has an open L shaped design that can accommodate a wide variety of metal or metal lined magazine tubes. The Magna Clip’s body is also designed to prevent printing against the pocket fabric in order to provide wearers with a more discreet carry experience. The subdued spring clip that attaches to the pocket itself is made to look like the clip found on most pocket knives or flashlights–both which are items commonly carried by many people today. To most people passing by, it just looks like any other EDC tool with a clip, not a magazine carrier.

Although N8 Tactical has designed the Magna Clip to work with any steel or steel lined magazine tube, the following makes and models of popular handgun magazines have been verified to work with the Magna Clip: 


Glock G17, Glock G19, Glock G43, Glock G42, Glock G43X, Glock G48 


All Hellcat Models

SIG Sauer:

SIG Sauer P320, P365 (all)

Smith & Wesson:

M&P Shield 

The N8 Tactical Magna Clip Magazine carrier retails for $23.96. For more information on this product or other gear and accessories offered by N8 Tactical, please visit their website at N8tactical.com.

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