First Look: New Accessories from Comp-Tac

Comp-Tac Holsters is releasing two new holster accessories, the CT3 Tourniquet Mount and the CT Leg Strap. These new additions to the Comp-Tac Holsters lineup are designed to offer enhanced adaptability and convenience to a wide range of holster models and fits, providing law enforcement, military personnel and firearms enthusiasts with more customization options.

“We’re excited to introduce the CT3 Tourniquet Mount and CT Leg Strap as innovative additions to our holster accessory lineup,” said Truett Whitt, Sales Manager at Comp-Tac Holsters. These accessories offer adaptability, convenience, and ergonomic advantages to our esteemed customers, ensuring they have the tools needed for success in the field.”

CT3 Tourniquet Mount:

The CT3 Tourniquet Mount is an adaptable mounting system that is designed to attach any High Speed Gear tourniquet pouch to the CT3 Level III Duty Holster, thus saving valuable real estate on the belt or plate carrier. In addition to this, the position of the mount on the holster allows for fast deployment of the tourniquet in an emergency situation. The Tourniquet Mount is manufactured from aircraft-grade kydex for lightweight construction combined with durability and flexibility. The mount includes all necessary attachment hardware and is available in all the color options for the CT3 holster. The CT3 Tourniquet Mount is also compatible with the Level III CT3, CT2-A, and CT2-H holster models.

CT Leg Strap:

The CT Leg Strap is an adjustable swivel attachment point that is designed for added flexibility, ease of motion, and stability. The strap features a slip-resistant strap and kydex contact pad, and the built-in swivel allows a 90-degree angle to be achieved when keeling, while still providing a full range of motion when going prone. The aircraft-grade kydex construction and contact pad maintains a rigid connection to the leg and holster, allowing for ergonomic and seamless movement when it counts. The CT Leg Strap is compatible with the Level III CT3 Duty CT2-A and CT2-H holsters.

For more information on these products or Comp-Tac products for law enforcement, military, and shooting enthusiasts, please visit comp-tac.com.

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