First Look: New Shotgun Suppressors from JK Armament

Bruneau, ID, based JK Armament is announcing the release of two new12 gauge shotgun suppressors, the JK 195 SGX 12G and the VERSAX 12G, created as part of a collaborative effort with Silencershop.com.

“We were after a practical shotgun suppressor. We wanted it light, affordable and mission configurable,” said JK Armament’s Founder and Director of Research and Development, Jake Kunsky. “The uniquely patented baffle design is mission configurable and features Tone Technology, giving users the flexibility and superior sound suppression needed.”

“We are proud to announce this exclusive suppressor that benefits shotgun owners and hunters alike,” added Dave Matheny, the founder and CEO of Silencer Shop.

Both the SGX and VERSAX 12G suppressors are built around trumpet-style baffles that stack in front of each other, allowing users to add or remove baffle stacks and lengthen or shorten their suppressors as needed. Both suppressors are manufactured with the same design and principles, with the VERSAX 12G being the shorter of the two units. When fully configured, the JK Armament VERSAX 12G is approximately 3 inches shorter and weighs nearly half than that of its bigger brother, the SGX suppressor.

The CRMD (Choke Replacement Muzzle Device) is an ingenious device used to mount the SGX and VERSAX units to host shotguns by taking advantage of the fact that many shotguns are already cut and threaded for chokes. The CRMD adapter screws-in in place of the current choke and provides a mounting point for the actual suppressor.  In addition to the patented baffle design, both the JK Armament SGX and VERSAX feature an internal choke that helps keep the shotshell’s wad and shot cup together as the pellets make their way through these devices.

MSRP for the JK 195 VERSAX 12 gauge suppressor is $599, and the MSRP for the 12 gauge JK 195 SGX is $899. All JK Armament products are 100-percent made in the United States of America. For more information, please visit JK Armament’s website at jkarmament.com.  

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