First Look: Peacemaker CCW Jacket

The Self Defense Company has just started selling the new Bodyguard Peacemaker Jacket, a garment which not only provides easy access to a concealed firearm via its HDS (Hidden Draw System) pocket, but also includes built-in ballistic paneling to protect the wearer. The HDS System allows the wearer to fully access their firearm at all times while wearing the Bodyguard Peacemaker jacket. In addition to this, the HDS lets the wearer draw and discreetly orient their firearm at a target without bringing any attention to their actions.

The Bodyguard Peacemaker jacket is made from a waterproof, lightweight and breathable nylon spandex mix that not only stands up to the weather but can withstand winds of up to 100 mph. The construction of Bodyguard Peacemaker sets it apart from other soft body armor systems in that the latter are obviously bulky and not discreet, whereas the Bodyguard is a low visibility garment with built-in discreet armor panels. Customers can buy the Bodyguard with or without ballistic panels. The jacket can be purchased as a kit that includes two soft Level III A inserts that can resist penetration by calibers ranging from .22LR all the way to .44 Mag. For convenience, these Level III A ballistic panels are also compatible with the Self Defense Company’s Bodyguard Backpack product line.

Bodyguard Peacemaker Armored CCW Jacket Features and Specifications:

  • Patent pending body armor concealment system
  • Centerline front and back protection – NIJ Level IIIa
  • Meets and exceeds NIJ Standard 0101.06 for ballistic protection
  • Hidden draw concealed carry system
  • Lightweight waterproof, triple layer (nylon/spandex blend)
  • Ballistic panels cross-compatible with Bodyguard Backpack series

The Bodyguard Peacemaker jacket is available with a starting retail price of $259 while the Bodyguard Peacemaker jacket and armor panel bundle sells for $467. The Self Defense Company currently has these products on sale for an autumn promotional event. To learn more, please visit bulletproofbodyguard.com.

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