First Look: Radians Vertex Corded Bluetooth Earbuds

Elevate your shooting and hunting experiences with the new Vertex Corded Bluetooth Earbuds from Radians, a manufacturer of safety products. Designed to protect hearing while providing clear sound quality, these earbuds are great for anyone who values precision and safety in their outdoor pursuits.

The Vertex Corded Bluetooth Earbuds provide in-ear hearing protection that delivers 21dB of noise reduction to safeguard hearing and also offers the convenience of bluetooth wireless technology for connecting to mobile devices. This allows you to have immersive, high-quality stereo sound, enjoy music, podcasts or phone conversations and still have first-class hearing protection when you go to the range or out on a hunt. 

Proper hearing protection is crucial for everyone who shoots and hunts because repeated exposure to loud gunshots, which can result in irreversible hearing loss, tinnitus, and other issues. Even a single loud shot can damage your hearing for life if he doesn’t wear or use the right protection. 

Radians’ new Vertex Corded Bluetooth earbuds allow users to respond to their sound surroundings by choosing between 85dB or 105dB noise compression settings. These adjustable high/low compression modes ensure optimal safety from loud sounds, such as gunfire, while providing 5X sound amplification when listening to wildlife, conversations, or tactical commands.

Vertex Corded Bluetooth are designed with the shooter in mind, and feature two omni-directional in-ear microphones as well as 9mm dynamic-range speakers that enable precise sound direction identification and situational awareness. In addition to this, the earbuds come with three sets of rubber, triple-flanged tips in small, medium, and large sizes, ensuring a personalized and comfortable fit. The rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries provide approximately ten hours of usage in the Bluetooth® model. The earbuds are conveniently connected via a high-quality sheathed woven cable lanyard and includes a USB charging cable and a durable zippered carrying case.

MSRP for the Vertex Corded Bluetooth Earbuds is $119.99, and for more information on this product, please visit radians.com.

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