Nosler SR-30K Suppressor Balances Length and Noise Reduction

Based on the popular SR-30ALTi, the SR-30K, referred to as the K-Can, from Nosler balances length and noise reduction. Coming in at 2 inches shorter and 2 ounces lighter, the K-Can is more maneuverable, making it ideal for hunting. Not to mention, the lightweight platform won’t cause an unwieldy shift in your rifle’s balance.

The Nosler SR-30K K-Can Suppressor

Derived from the German word “Kurtz,” meaning “short,” the K-Can features a 2-inch shorter length than the SR-30ALTi. Likewise, employing a proprietary baffle stack design, the SR-30K provides maximum performance in a minimalist package. Constructed of aluminum and titanium, the K-Can also comes in at 7.2 ounces—2-ounces lighter than the SR-30ALTi.

With a sub-6-inch length, the SR-30K is easier to maneuver in a treestand, blind, or on a longer rifle than a full-size suppressor. Likewise, its lighter weight provides superior handling and offhand balance.

“Combine the overall length of 5.85”, the mere weight of 7 oz. with phenomenal sound reduction; hunters will have the ability to up their game like never before.” Dave Adamson Mechanical Engineer Nosler, Inc.

(Photo by Nosler)

Featuring a caliber range between .17-.308, the K-Can offers versatility hunters will appreciate. Installation of the SR-30K utilizes the same attachment system as the rest of the Nosler suppressor line. For this reason, it can be mounted either over a brake or direct-threaded to the muzzle with the included adaptor.

Featuring space-age materials to keep it lightweight, the SR-30K is not designed for long shot strings or full auto fire. For this reason, Nosler suggests that you allow the suppressor adequate time to cool between strings of fire. This will help to preserve the integrity of your suppressor for a longer life. However, if you need rapid-fire or full-auto capabilities, check out the Ti series of full-titanium suppressors.

“We are very pleased to bring the innovative, compact, hunt-focused K-Can to the market. It’s designed and built to be the ideal suppressor for hunters who prize handiness and best-in-class noise reduction.” Pat Mundy VP Sales & Marketing Nosler, Inc.


The Nosler SR-30K Suppressor is available now, with an MSRP of $729.00. For more info, please visit Nosler.com.

Nosler SR-30K Specs

The Nosler SR-30K K-Can Suppressor.
Photo by Nosler

Caliber Range: .17-.308
7.2 oz
Length: 5.834”
Diameter: 1.740”
Color: Black
Thread Pitch: 5/8×24
Max Operating Temp: 425°
Full-Auto Rated: No

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