Print Shoot Repeat – Fun With 3D-Printed Guns Part 2

In the final part of this video series with Print Shoot Repeat, Alex Landeen presses on with the tough questions that few people get to ask. Case in point, the now infamous, HK slap video. How did it come about? Was it originally all PSR’s idea? And let’s not forget the music, he makes his own techno beats too?

Freedom Is 3D-Printed Guns

The subject of 3D-printed guns itself has seemed to ruffle some feathers on our social media channels. A lot of it centers around the fact that we are calling too much-unwanted attention, and it will draw in the ATF. But we would like to counter by saying that all gun rights should be protected, even if you don’t agree with them, remember the bump stock ban? We are quite certain you do. All gun laws are infringements on American citizens, and that’s that.

We have had a blast around SKILLSET headquarters watching this video series, and we hope you guys have too! Be sure to leave us a comment and let us know how you liked it. Or maybe what questions we should have asked him instead?

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