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You only get one pair of ears, and if you are involved in shooting sports, proper protection is essential. For this reason, Axil offers hearing protection for various needs and budgets, with a long history in the hearing industry. But who is Axil? And how did it get its start?

Axil Hearing Protection: The Beginning

The year was 1958, and the United States was abuzz with major happenings. NASA was created, the microchip was invented, and Robert Harris entered the hearing aid industry. Who is Robert Harris, you may ask?

As one of the first entrepreneurs in the world of hearing aids and enhancements, Harris formed the Harris Hearing Group. He began traveling door to door as a hearing aid specialist. Harris offered his wares to those whose hearing was less than ideal due to age, injury, or other problems.

Also operating while he and his team were on the road was a chain of hearing aid clinics. Their purpose was to provide care and services for outfitting their customers with hearing aids and hearing protection options.

Beyond his profound interest in the functionality of the human ear, Harris also had a passion for hunting and the great outdoors. This passion soon led to the first full-color televised hunting films.

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Digital Aid

Harris’s two passions were bound to cross paths eventually. In the year 2000, the company SportEar was founded. The company began offering the only hearing protection and hearing aid options that were 100 percent digital. This set the company apart from all its competitors. SportEar products quickly became highly sought-after pieces of gear for the field or shooting range.

Fast forward to today, when this line of hearing enhancements and protective gear is known under the name Axil. And the technology behind the products continues to advance.

When it comes to hearing protection of any sort, the options available to us seem fairly straightforward. Slap a pair of muffs on your head or shove a set of foamies in your ears and call it a day. As long as gunshots are muffled to a reasonable level, most people do not question the functionality of the product.

But when you open the user guide included with every Axil product, you know right away that this item is different, as are the creators behind it. For example, included in the user guide for the Ghost Stryke (GS) digitals is a diagram of the human ear. It includes images you would expect to see in an anatomy and physiology textbook.

There is also a thorough explanation of how your inner ear works, and what Axil’s hearing protection does. Not only does it protect the wearer’s hearing, but it also enhances it. When a company genuinely cares about the product it offers and the consumers who decide to purchase it, it shows.

By providing this thorough explanation, Axil demonstrates that it is all about educating consumers on why they made the best choice in choosing their products.

Axil Today

Axil has come a long way from its early door-to-door sales days. The company produced an FDA-approved hearing aid, and all of Axil’s engineering and design are completed in the United States.

Axil Hearing Protection.
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Maintaining full control over the design and manufacturing process allows Axil to go direct to the consumer with their sales, education, and tools to keep them hearing as well as possible for as long as possible.

Axil products aren’t only used in shooting sports but also in other locations where things can get a bit noisy. This includes construction sites and industrial plants. The product line has also greatly expanded since the company’s early days. These products provide an excellent sampling of what Axil has to offer for activities that call for hearing enhancement and protection.

To this day, the passion and dedication to his customers that Robert Harris originally demonstrated back in 1958 still hold true. Hearing protection is of the utmost importance. And with Axil’s high-quality products we will continue to enjoy days both afield and on the range.

If you are in the market for hearing protection, be sure to give the many products from Axil a try. You will not be disappointed.

For more information, please visit GoAxil.com.

Axil Protection

Foam Ear Plugs – 20 Pack Travel Pack

Foam ear plugs.
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First up is the most basic of hearing protection: foam earplugs. Featuring a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 31 dB, these foamies are bright green, biodegradable and reusable. Included in this pack is a handy keychain that holds one pair of earplugs, should you wish to keep a set on you at all times.

Handy for trips to the range, events such as concerts or NASCAR races, or perhaps to muffle the sounds of a snoring spouse. This is a great multi-purpose solution to your hearing protection lineup.

MSRP: $8 for a pack of 20.

XP Reactor Passive Ear Protection

Axil XP Reactor Passive hearing protection.
(Photo by Axil)

This handy little set of in-ear hearing protection provides clear, natural sound as if your ears aren’t plugged. However, the Dynamic Mesh Filtering System automatically screens out loud sounds, protecting your hearing. Likewise, ensuring the perfect fit, the XP Reactors come with one pair of medium and 1 pair of large tips. The tips are a non-allergenic, ultra-soft EVA material and Small or XL sizes are available separately.

The earplugs provide 33 dB SNR against loud impulse sounds while still maintaining normal hearing. Likewise, they provide 5 dB SNR hearing protection against general sounds. The XP Reactor passive ear protection ships with a lanyard and neoprene carrying case.

MSRP: $25.99

Ghost Stryke (GS) Extreme 2.0

Ghost Stryke Extreme 2.0.
(Photo by Axil)

Check off all the boxes when you pick up a set of Ghost Stryke Extremes from Axil. Whether you find yourself struggling to hear an animal in the woods, surrounded by extremely loud noises, or simply looking to enjoy some tunes on the go while minimizing the amount of gear you carry, search no further. This option from Axil has three different features built into one small package.

The Sportfit ear hooks help to keep the Extremes secure in your ears. In addition, you can easily toggle between the hearing enhancement/protection mode or Bluetooth mode. You can even enjoy a combination of the two with the flip of a switch.

The GS Extreme 2.0 comes with two silicone tips, three foam tips, and three max protect foam tips. Ghost Stryke Extremes are the go-to favorite for people who want to tune out the world. Especially when they hop on their lawnmowers and sing along to their favorite songs while cutting the grass.

MSRP: $199.99


(Photo by Axil)

If you like the level of protection that muffs provide but prefer the minimalist sizing and fit of foamies, look no further. The XCOR is at the top of the class when it comes to in-ear digital hearing protection. Using your choice of the foam or silicone tips, the XCOR provides all-day comfort and positive retention in the ear.

The earplugs provide between 19-29 dB SNR hearing protection, depending on the ear tip style utilized. Specifically, the foam ear tips provide more protection than the silicone. The earplugs are water & dust-resistant, as well as wind-resistant. So, windy days are no longer an issue.

Utilizing Bluetooth, the XCOR connects to your mobile device, allowing you to listen to music or answer calls. Featuring a rechargeable case, the ear plugs deliver up to 12 hours of battery when used for hearing protection only.

MSRP: $349.99

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