Shooting Illustrated Interviews: Bill Wilson

To say that Bill Wilson and Wilson Combat have played a pivotal role in modern firearms is like saying that Bill Gates and Microsoft have done a few things in the computer industry. Wilson Combat’s influence on the gun industry started out in the world of practical shooting competitions. The Wilson Combat 1911 magazine revolutionized expectations about 1911 reliability, and Wilson Combat built on that reputation to create one of the most popular and best-performing line of custom 1911s you can buy today. Wilson branched out into building not only pistols, but AR-pattern rifles and shotguns as well. From heavy-hitting AR-10 rifles chambered in .358 Win. to AR-15s in almost every caliber under the rainbow, Wilson Combat AR-pattern rifles set the standard for accuracy and reliability. On the pistol side, Wilson Combat branched out from 1911s and built double-stack, single-action pistols which offer a crisp, smooth trigger along with the capacity of a modern defensive pistol.

Now Wilson Combat is coming out with the NULA rifle, a lightweight bolt-action that’s based on a rifle created by legendary gun designer Melvin Forbes.

In this interview, we talk with Wilson about his history with guns, the origins of practical shooting and what he’s up to in recent days. We chat with him about his amazing track record and what’s coming up in the near future for Wilson Combat.

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