SK Customs Untamed Series Gets Wild New Addition: The Alacrán

Earlier this year, SK Customs introduced its Untamed Series with the Untamed Anaconda, detailed on a Colt Anaconda 44 Mag. Known for series-driven, limited-edition custom firearms, the company adds another wild model to the series with the Alacrán. Using a full-size government model 1911 as the canvas, the Alacrán will have a limited run of 200 highlighting the yellow scorpion.

SK Customs Untamed Series: The Alacrán

Starting with a full-size government model Colt 1911, chambered in .38 Super, the Alacrán embodies the essence of one of the world’s most dangerous predators—the scorpion. Known for its extremely venomous nature, the yellow scorpion, endemic to Mexico, is a lethal animal of prey. In fact, lifesaving antivenom can cost up to $36 million per gallon.

The slide and frame flats of the Alacrán are brought to a semi-polished stainless finish, providing the ideal canvas. As a result, the 24k gold controls, hardware, hammer, and barrel bushing pose a striking contrast. Likewise, the black trigger and black sights help to add a rich depth to the overall aesthetic.

(Photo by SK Customs)

Both sides of the slide feature engraved scrollwork down the length that resembles the intricate design of a scorpion’s stinger. Additionally, laced throughout the scrollwork are smaller scorpions with 24k gold plating. Sitting just under the scorpions is 24k gold plated rope work that resembles an elongated scorpion’s tail.

The top of the slide features a depiction of a “super” scorpion, plated in 24k gold running the slide’s length. Surrounding the “super” scorpion is more scorpion stinger scrollwork to fill out the theme. At the rear of the slide, a custom font using the scorpion stinger scrollwork spells out “Alacrán,” in 24k gold plating.

SK Customs Untamed Series: The Alacrán.
(Photo by SK Customs)

Beechwood grip panels with a 24k gold Colt Rampart embedded in the center compliment the overall theme of the Alacrán. Available in a run of only 200, the right side of the slide features the serialized number xxx of 200 behind the rear cocking serrations.


The SK Customs Untamed Series Alacrán Custom 1911 is available for pre-order now, with an MSRP of $2,200.00. For more info, please visit SKGuns.com.

“Following the success of the Untamed Anaconda, which paid homage to the mighty reptile, we are thrilled to introduce Alacrán as the second edition in The Untamed series,” said Simon Khiabani, owner and founder of SK Customs. “Chambered in 38 Super, these Colt firearms represent the world’s highest diversity of scorpions found in Mexico, known for their extreme venomous nature.”

SK Customs Untamed Series: The Alacrán.
(Photo by SK Customs)

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