The Best Full-Size Handguns of SHOT Show 2024

Another SHOT Show is in the bag, and, as always, Athlon Outdoors was in attendance. The show is 18 acres (13.9 miles of aisles), with 2,500 exhibitors showcasing their latest guns, gear, and more. This year, Combat Handguns unleashed me with the orders to root out the best full-size handguns of the show. And SHOT show did not disappoint.

The Best Full-Size Handguns of SHOT Show 2024

1. Avidity Arms P10 – Super Carry

(Photo by Manufacturer)

Finally, more guns for .30 Super Carry! The new Avidity Arms P-10 boasts a slim design, aggressive stippling, and a 12+1 capacity. Built for defense, this pistol features oversized controls and aggressive slide serrations to help overcome an adrenaline dump.

For more information, please visit AvidityArms.com.

2. TISAS PX – 5.7

Best Full-Size Handguns: TISAS PX - 5.7.
(Photo by Manufacturer)

The only thing hotter than the 5.7 craze is its smoking velocity. For 2024, TISAS brings us its first 5.7 handgun with an MSRP of just $500. This polymer-framed striker-fired pistol feeds from a 20-round flush-fit mag and is ready to accept any optic with the RMSc Footprint.

For more information, please visit TisasUSA.com.

3. SDS Imports Ingles GP-35

SDS Imports Ingles GP-35.
(Photo by Manufacturer)

Pound for pound, this is the most Hi Power for the money. Forged components and G-10 grips meet a button-rifled barrel for enhanced accuracy at a low cost. A color-case hardened finish and Turkish walnut grips make it as easy on the eyes as it is on the wallet.

For more information, please visit SDSImports.com.

4. EAA Girsan MC9 Disruptor

Best Full-Size Handguns: EAA Girsan MC9 Disruptor.
(Photo by Manufacturer)

What can $394 get you? Nearly everything if you’re talking about an MC9 Disruptor. EAA wanted an end-all pistol, so it found a way to pack optics-ready capability, a threaded barrel, a superb trigger, and a classy finish into this new polymer striker-fired 9mm.

For more information, please visit EAACorp.com.

5. EAA Girsan MC 14 BDA

EAA Girsan MC 14 BDA.
(Photo by Manufacturer)

There is a certain joy associated with shooting old-school metal .380s, but they’re just too tough to get nowadays. EAA seeks to fill that void with its latest offering. The MC 14 BDA packs a forged aluminum frame, 14-round capacity, and an ambidextrous safety into a package for $360 or less.

For more information, please visit EAACorp.com.

6. Hi-Point YC 380

Best Full-Size Handguns: Hi-Point YC 380.
(Photo by Manufacturer)

If you let the internet name your stuff, odds are it’s going to be…awesome! The YC9, better known as the Yeet Cannon, has been so successful that this year Hi-Point introduced the YC380. This budget .380 ACP comes optic-ready with a threaded barrel, all for under $229.

For more information, please visit Hi-PointFirearms.com.        

7. Ruger Max-9 Long Slide     

Ruger Max-9 Long Slide.
(Photo by Manufacturer)

Lengthening a popular compact is a proven formula for success. The Ruger Max-9 long slide stretches out the popular compact for a longer sight radius and smoother recoil impulse.

For more information, please visit Ruger.com.

8. Taurus 917 C

Best Full-Size Handguns: Taurus 917 C.
(Photo by Manufacturer)

With the success of the PT92, it wasn’t a surprise that Taurus brought out the shortened 917c. However, what surprised us most was its disappearance from the lineup. For 2024, it’s back and better than ever. Now, with a higher capacity, finger-grooved frame, and an accessory rail, there’s no excuse to miss out this time.

For more information, please visit TaurusUSA.com.

9. Taurus TH10

Taurus TH10.
(Photo by Manufacturer)

Shooting 10mm Auto is an exhilarating experience that starts at the cash register. Taurus softens the blow with its new, affordable TH10. This DA/SA hammer-fired polymer frame pistol promises a 15+1 capacity and the ability to carry hammer down or cocked and locked.

For more information, please visit TaurusUSA.com.

10. Walther PDP Steel Frame

Best Full-Size Handguns: Walther PDP Steel Frame.
(Photo by Manufacturer)

Sir Isaac Newton once said, “Something, something, opposite but equal,” which means if you want to tame recoil, you have to add weight. Walther’s original polymer PDP now comes in a steel frame, soaking up more recoil and getting you on target faster than ever. Available in a full-sized or compact version, both can accept optics and are ready to run.

For more information, please visit WaltherArms.com.

11. Stoeger STR-9 Combat X

Stoeger STR-9 Combat X.
(Photo by Manufacturer)

A few years back, Stoeger showed us it had what it takes to satisfy the civilian. Now, the company proves it’s up to the rigors of combat. The STR-9 Combat X is optics capable, features an oversized magazine well, and has a capacity of 17+1. Validated by a 10,000-round continuous string of fire, it won’t let you down.

For more information, please visit StoegerIndustries.com.

12. Stoeger STR45

Best Full-Size Handguns: Stoeger STR45.
(Photo by Manufacturer)

Although the “wonder nine” years have left an impression, there are still those who won’t settle for anything less than god’s caliber. The STR45 is one of the most exciting additions to the .45 ACP subset in years. A straight front strap and deep beavertail help to tame the beast while offering 13+1 capacity and optics-ready capability.

For more information, please visit StoegerIndustries.com.

13. MAC – MAC 5K

(Photo by Manufacturer)

I know what it is, you know what it is, let’s not say what it is. Roller-delayed perfection for a fraction of the price? Yes, please! Sporting a 5.8-inch barrel and cross-compatibility with aftermarket parts, the MAC 5K gives you the iconic look and feel you’ve been searching for, with enough money left over for ammo.

For more information, please visit MilArmamentCorp.com.

14. Smith & Wesson SD 2.0

Best Full-Size Handguns: Smith & Wesson SD 2.0.
(Photo by Manufacturer)

With times as tight as they are, the reboot of this iconic pistol was inevitable. Between the improved trigger and overall ergonomics, it’s going to be hard to spot compromise. There’s also a certain degree of comfort that comes with having the S&W logo pressed against your hip.

For more information, please visit Smith-Wesson.com.

15. Live Free Armory Falcon XC

Live Free Armory Falcon XC.
(Photo by Manufacturer)

Shoot fast, don’t suck. It’s that simple. The Falcon XC makes this a little easier through its internally compensated slide, flared magwell, and tritium sights. Cut for an RMR, you can easily attach a red dot and put the pedal to the floor.

For more information, please visit LiveFreeArmory.com.

16. Daniel Defense H9

Best Full-Size Handguns: Daniel Defense H9.
(Photo by Manufacturer)

Originally introduced as “The Hudson” several years ago, Daniel Defense was able to bring this design to fruition. A striker-fired blade in trigger system meets 1911 pointability in this low-bore 9mm pistol.

For more information, please visit DanielDefense.com.

17. Canik TTI Combat

Canik TTI.
(Photo by Manufacturer)

Canik wrapped a ton of firsts into this design, including its first compensator as well as its first collaboration. Working with Taran Butler, the Canik TTI boasts a flat-shooting, fast-flying option that is also rumored to make a movie appearance in the near future.

For more information, please visit CanikUSA.com.

18. Ed Brown Custom Shop M&Ps

Best Full-Size Handguns: Ed Brown Custom Shop M&Ps.
(Photo by Manufacturer)

Some of the most exciting news of the show was the addition of the Smith & Wesson M&P to Ed Brown’s Famous Custom Shop. Now offered online, all that stands between you and one of these high-end user-built pistols is a few mouse clicks.

For more information, please visit EdBrown.com.

19. Armscor STK 200

Armscor STK 200.
(Photo by Manufacturer)

Those who like Glocks but hate plastic ought to check this one out. A hard-anodized aluminum frame serves as the host for a feature-packed slide complete with lightening cuts and optics capability.

For more information, please visit Armscor.com.

20. Shadow Systems XR920P

Best Full-Size Handguns: Shadow Systems XR920P.
(Photo by Manufacturer)

There are lots of ways to control recoil, but there will never be anything more effective than a compensator. Shadow Systems’ new XR920P offers one of the slimmest offerings on the market that boasts toolless disassembly. Balanced by a full-sized frame, it’s built to run fast and remain on target.

For more information, please visit ShadowSystemsCorp.com.

21. SAR Gen 3 SAR 9

SAR Gen 3 SAR 9.
(Photo by Manufacturer)

Many believe that Turkish pistols need to prove their reliability before they’re deemed acceptable for use. How’s 150,000 rounds for you? SAR’s latest revision of its flagship pistol is capable of firing more 9mm than most of us will shoot in a lifetime and keep on ticking. The 20-degree grip angle lends it to instinctual pointing, and it is available in multiple configurations to suit your needs.

For more information, please visit SARUSA.com.

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