The Carjacking Dilemma

I’m seeing reports that carjackings are on the rise in some cities. This form of robbery depends upon the criminal acting quickly and violently before the victim realizes what is going on or has a chance to respond. Still, carjacking can be defeated if the intended victims…that’s you & me…will study the problem and develop a plan of action.

Remember, I said “quickly and violently”, so let’s give some thought to taking “quickly” out of the mix, and the best way I know to do that is to make it a habit to always have the doors locked and the windows up. We know that window glass is not as sturdy as windshield glass. A window can be busted out much more easily. However, that takes a bit of time, and it is time that we can use to respond to the attack. The key is to make it a habit to roll up the windows and make sure the doors are locked each and every time we use our vehicle.

Another thing to realize is that the vehicle itself may be the best defensive tool at your disposal. The first thought may be to stomp the gas and try to drive off. But have you thought about making the escape by putting the car in reverse? How about driving on the sidewalk? Of course, with any quick, defensive maneuver we want to make every effort to avoid hurting innocents that might be near. I often tell students, “If your car is moving, it’s a defensive tool. If it is sitting still, it’s a coffin.” What can you do with your vehicle to defeat a carjacking? Give it some thought.

If you legally carry a defensive firearm in your car…and I hope that you do…you need to give some thought to how you carry it and how easily it is to get it into action. If you carry in such a way that you have to undo your seat belt to get at it, I would suggest you find another carry method. Crossdraw, shoulder holsters, even ankle holsters, might be worth experimenting with.

In addition, it would be a good idea to practice shooting with only one hand because your other hand may be busy with the steering wheel. Also practice shooting at odd angles because an armed attacker might be shooting at you from positions other than at your driver’s-side window.

And, as always, force yourself to stay alert. If you can see it coming, you have a far better chance of avoiding he trap. If you wait until they’ve got you pinned between two cars, you may have waited too late. In heavy traffic, bad neighborhoods, or when things just don’t feel right, turn off your radio, quit talking on the phone or texting and give your surroundings your full attention.

Carjackers can be defeated and you can get it done.

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